Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Looking to get your valentine something different this year? Something that strays away from the typical flowers and chocolate and is more meaningful and unique? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! Here are our 6 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can find right here on our site!

A Comfy Lounge Chair

Carmichael Chair by Gus

Buy your valentine a gift they will actually use – something that’s practical and just for them. A comfy lounge chair could be just the thing! It’s even better if you live with your special someone as this gives them the perfect opportunity to have their own little reading corner or a place to sit. What a thoughtful valentine’s gift that you know will be used for years.

Shop our Carmichael Chair by Gus here. It’s the most ideal and comfiest lounge chair in our collection!

A Wood Dresser

Mayville Wood Dresser

A beautiful wood dresser for your valentine’s room is a perfect gift that will surely spoil them! It’s great for women and men – women will have more space for their clothes which they always love, and men will have a spot for their clothes that isn’t on the floor or corner chair!

Our Mayville Wood Dresser is the perfect dresser for bedrooms! Shop it here for its clearance price and thank us later!

A Cozy Rug

Charlotte Rug 5′ x 8′

Warm their feet this Valentine’s Day by getting your special someone a rug from our online store! If you notice they have a bare floor in their living room or bedroom, a nice cozy rug can make all the difference. They’ll have warm feet and a warm heart.

A Red Sofa

Astrid Sofa by Gus

What screams Valentine’s Day more than a bright red sofa! It’s bold, but it’s definitely something different. Not only are sofas completely practical for everyday use (come on, admit it, we all sit on the couch maybe a little too much during these colder months), but your valentine will be thrilled with such a thoughtful gift. Plus, it’s a real statement piece! So, every time one of their guests asks where they got their awesome red couch, your valentine will think of you! Now that’s a way to stick in their mind.

If your valentine isn’t sure how to decorate their home with a new red sofa, our last blog has some great ideas. tell them to check it out here!

Beautiful Artwork to Hang

Glistening Flowers Art 40″ x 40″

If you want to up your flowers you got your valentine last year, buy them some artwork of flowers instead! This way your flowers can last for years rather than days!

Here at Clearance Furniture, we have a ton of art pieces with or without flowers to choose from. We don't just sell furniture – we sell the perfect accessories too!

A New TV

Samsung 46″ Full HD Flat TV

Okay, we admit, this one isn't that unique, but hey, if you’re looking to buy your valentine a new TV, we suggest shopping on our online store for a quality TV at a discounted price. And, yes, believe it or not, we do sell TVs! Maybe your valentine wants one in their room – give them the gift they really want this year!

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We hope you enjoyed our list of unique gifts! We encourage you to give a gift that lasts this Valentine’s Day with our variety of new and gently used furniture pieces, accessories, art pieces, and electronics. Everything we sell is sold at a discounted price, so get your hands on our items!

For over 60 years, we’ve sold trendy, new, and pre-rented furniture below the original wholesale price. Before you go online with some of the other popular sites, check us out first. We may have exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost, we all love bargains, and we want to put you ahead of the line!

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