Unique Kitchen Décor Inspiration

Unique Kitchen Décor Inspiration

Our kitchens are a space in our homes that we visit the most (especially during quarantine, am I right?), so the ambiance and décor can get old really quick. But, with a few unique items to make things fun and funky, you can say goodbye to ordinary and boring every time you grab a bite to eat!

Here’s some creative kitchen inspo to keep things looking fresh, just like your produce!

Funky Wallpaper

Kitchens don’t always have to be prim and proper with neutral tones. Let your kitchen express itself with some funky-patterned wallpaper that adds just the right touch of eye-catching detail, without going overboard, of course (you don’t want tacky – you want elegantly exciting!). If you don’t want your kitchen too bold, try adding some marble wallpaper for a touch of texture!

Rugs & Runners

Not many people think of putting some nice cozy rugs or runners on their cold kitchen floors, and we don’t know why! Choosing a funky patterned rug to add some pizazz and texture to the room without permanently changing the wallpaper is genius – it could be the pop of colour or touch of art you need without all the work!

Kitchens do come in all shapes and sizes, so add a rug that fits your kitchen. If your space is long and narrow, try adding a runner that fills the floor and adds some colourful direction to your kitchen.

Tall Tables & Backless Stools

Kitchen islands not only look great but provide more counter space. Unfortunately, not everyone has a large enough space or the budget to have one installed. A great alternative is a tall table! Grab a table from Clearance Furniture that is as tall as your kitchen counters and use it as a small island in your kitchen! It’ll look unique and come in handy!

Have a really small kitchen? Use that table for eating as well, and grab some backless barstools to tuck under the table when you’re not using them, saving you space! Shop our website for barstools as well!


Mirrors in the kitchen are such a unique idea! Not only can you see if you have any food on your face, but they can add space and depth. Fill one of your kitchen walls with mirrors and watch how spacious the room suddenly looks. We’ve always wondered why mirrors aren’t more common in the kitchen -it ends up looking larger, and you can now see how cute you look in that apron!

Highlight a Colourful Piece

Loft kitchen design

Pick one or two appliances, cupboards, walls, or whatever you want in your kitchen and make it a colourful centrepiece! It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the centre of the room but pick an item and make it pop! Keep the rest of your kitchen neutral while highlighting certain pieces like this fun red fridge! A pop of colour is sure to boost your mood through these gloomy winter quarantine days.

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