Turning Your Home into a Beautiful Summer Getaway

Turning Your Home into a Beautiful Summer Getaway

It’s finally beginning to look a lot like Summer! And with all of us cooped up for so long, we can finally get outside and enjoy the outdoors again! Since we still cannot travel, we’ll need to make the best out of our situations. It’s time to turn our homes into the summer getaway of our dreams – that way, every day can feel like a vacation!

Here are six ideas to keep things airy and fun for the summer!

Light, Bright, and White

White is the classy, summer, beach-home way to go! Paint the walls white, keep the furniture white, and have cream and sand-coloured accents. Nothing says “beach home” more than light neutral colours with lots of sunlight coming through the windows! Keep those blinds open and those windows squeaky clean for optimum light.

Change Your Duvet Cover and Curtains

It’s time to swap your big, warm, cozy duvet covers and knitted throw pillows for something lighter. Try breathable materials like linen, so you can stay cool and have your place looking like it was made for the warm weather!

Want to take things up a notch and really make your home look breezy and beautiful? Change your heavy curtains to white blinds or summer curtains. Try even adding curtains outside on your patio/pool deck. Light transparent curtains outside will not only look gorgeous in the breeze, but they protect you from the sun, keep bugs at bay, and add some privacy.

Organize With an Ottoman

With summer around the corner, we’re sure you’re starting to bring out the beach gear, rollerblades, frisbees, footballs, and so much more! So why not have a beautiful and organized way of storing all those items. Grab a small ottoman from Clearance Furniture, so everything says tucked away. Choose a beautiful neutral-coloured one to keep everything feeling light. Ottomans also add a nice place to sit – it’s a win-win!

Incorporate Beautiful Patterns

Nothing screams summertime than beautiful colours and fun patterns! If you’re going for a beach vibe, try blue or red stripes. If you want a pattern that will lift your mood, go with florals (check out our last blog here https://www.clearancefurniture.ca/the-5-best-ways-to-decorate-your-home-with-floral-patterns/ to see how you can incorporate floral patterns in your home!).

Not much of a pattern person? Go for bright summer colours like pink, purple, green, and light blue! Add coloured furniture or flowers to any room, and you’re set!

Give Your Fireplace a New Purpose

You definitely won’t be needing your fireplace for a few months, so why not use it in the warmer months too! If you have a traditional wood fireplace, remove all the wood, clean it out, and place a nice vase of your favourite summer flowers.

If flowers aren’t your thing, add unique sculptures that you got on vacation or some lovely candles that smell like the beach. This is the perfect way to make your home look and feel like summer – because we don’t even want to be thinking of using that fireplace anytime soon!

Get the Patio Ready!

Last but certainly not least, get your patio ready and rocking! Check out Clearance Furniture to get your outdoor patio ready for those perfect summer days and nights. Add an outdoor dining table with chairs and a lounger.

You can also add some ambiance to your outdoor spaces! Hang some pretty lights and invest in a beautiful bar cart to keep the drinks flowing and the good times coming. Cheers to that!

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