Transform Your Bedroom with these 6 Style Tips

Transform Your Bedroom with these 6 Style Tips

If you’re looking for creative and stylish new ways to transform your bedroom, then you’ve come to the right place! With most of us still in lockdown and stuck at home, we are all seeing the same four walls every day. It’s important to change things up for your mind, mood, and soul, especially where you sleep every night. So why not transform it into an entirely different space that brings life to it. And, since you have the time, there’s really no excuse for not trying some of these crazy style tips! Well, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to find out what they are!

Go for a Relaxed Look

If you’re tired of making your bed every day through this lockdown, we get it - we don’t want to make our beds either! But a messy room can also cause stress and look flat-out terrible. So, why not make it stylish? Get bed sheets and a comforter that is meant to look wrinkled and bunched up but in a styled, comfy way! The best way for an unmade, cozy bed to work is for your room to be clean and tidy everywhere else. In fact, the rest of the room shouldn’t have much in it except a wooden floor mirror, a funky light fixture, a small lounge chair, and maybe some textured walls. We also suggest sticking to neutral colours and adding textured blankets, pillows, and rugs for a robust look!

Make a Statement

Go for bold! This is the perfect time to do it because no one will end up seeing it if you aren’t too fond of the way it turns out. Then, if you love it, you can leave it until you have company again or take pictures to show everyone digitally! Try edgy, dark walls or go for crazy and whacky wallpaper that gets your out of your comfort zone and gets all those mood-boosting and creative juices flowing!

Play Around with Your Given Space

Not everyone has gigantic open rooms, and we get that. Sometimes you need to work with the space you have. If you have a small room, matching side tables may not be in the cards for you. It's still okay to have a larger one on one side and a smaller one on the other, as long as they are the same colour or material. Or, if you have a room that has slanted ceilings, create a little cocoon in there. Use neutral colours, hang a canopy over your bed, get a dreamy light fixture in the centre of the room, lay a vintage rug, and keep things cozy! You need to style your room, following the structure of the walls and making it work in a fun way!

Introduce a Fun Headboard

Grab a fun new headboard for your bed! Whether you’re tired of the same old headboard you’ve had for years, or you have no headboard at all, a fun and funky one could be just the change you need! There are so many to choose from; you could go for abstract, velvety, textured, or even vibrant ones. Just make sure your headboard matches your walls and the aesthetic of your room - that way you'll have a cohesive and stylish look. Yes, this is us suggesting that you make your entire room fun and exciting in a way that makes you feel alive and stress-free!

Get Abstract

Going off our last point, get abstract! With the walls, headboard, rugs, art, lighting, and even the furniture! The funkier something looks, the better. Tired of your regular bedside tables? Swap them out for chairs and make use of the tables in other rooms. Abstract lounge chairs or tables are a ton of fun and keep things interesting. Don’t want too many funky things going on in your room? Choose a statement wall or corner and make that the wild and whacky part of your room – it'll be a great place to bring you joy during these tough times.

Have Fun and Be Whimsical

Our best advice is to have fun with it! Transforming your room into a fun and creative space should be anything but stressful, so if it becomes a chore, just come back to it later or think of new ways you can make it fun. Try hanging lights, matching colours and patterns, playing around with furniture placement, or purchasing that lounge chair or vanity you’ve always wanted. Stay playful and watch your dream room come to life!

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