Tips for Creating a Romantic At-Home Oasis for Valentine’s Day

Tips for Creating a Romantic At-Home Oasis for Valentine’s Day

It’s the beginning of February, which means the day of love is coming closer! With over a week until Valentine’s Day, you have lots of time to prepare for your romantic day with your partner. This year Valentine’s Day may look a little different without the restaurants, but that’s fine because your home is the perfect place for a romantic date night anyway! All it needs is a few accent pieces to complement your existing furniture and some new furnishings to change things up and romanticize your home. So, we’ve let you in on some tips for creating a romantic oasis in the three main areas of your home. We hope Valentine’s Day 2021 is your best and most romantic one yet!

The Dining Room

The dining room is where the evening starts, so you’ll want to make it presentable. A delicious home-cooked meal is already romantic, but not if it's served on a TV tray. Look for a dark wood dining table and elegant dining room chairs that complement each other. Avoid any whites or lighter colours because trying to get a spill of red wine out of your new dining chairs might kill the mood. Once you have your discounted dining room furniture from Clearance Furniture, set the table with a red tablecloth or decorative placemats if you’d like to show off the table. Now it’s time to add your own personal touch! Put some rose petals, candles, a love letter, wine glasses, or anything you feel will make the table look appealing and romantic. Bon appétit!

The Living Room

Once your romantic dinner is over, it’s time to transition into the living room, continuing with the same atmosphere. Any living room setup may do the trick, but if you really want to enhance your romantic evening, then change things up! A red sofa or loveseat can set the tone for the evening, evoking passion, love, and intimacy. Try adding some red cashmere blankets and velvet pillows to make things cozy and decorative. To top it all off, add matching side tables from our website to each end of the sofa and place a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on each table. Neither of you will have to get up for a refill, meaning no interruptions - it’s a foolproof plan!

The Bedroom

For some, the evening may end in the living room, which is totally fine with us if you took our advice! But for others, it may end in the bedroom. Create a romantic and intimate setting for your loved one by throwing some more red blankets and pillows on the bed for added colour and comfort. Then add flowers, rose petals, or save the love note for the bedroom. Dim lighting always sets the mood, but candles can get dangerous. Try hanging string lights for an unforgettable setting. Lastly, add a little spice to your bedroom with a red lounge chair and ottoman in the corner, giving you and your partner a different place to cuddle other than the bed! You can shop any of your Valentine’s Day furniture on our site today. Cheers to a romantic night with your Valentine!

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