The Most Frequently Asked Furniture and Home Décor Questions Answered!

The Most Frequently Asked Furniture and Home Décor Questions Answered!

When it comes to decorating your place or choosing the right furniture, you want to make sure it's done right which can cause unwanted stress. Where does this go, how can I incorporate this, what do I add here, how do I make this look better, etc. It’s tough making these types of decisions without an interior designer, and let’s be real, it would get pretty expensive hiring one every time you want to update your home. So, we’ve got a budget-friendly solution for you! We answered all the frequently asked furniture and home decor questions so your place can look new and trendy. Check out the questions and answers below!

How Should I Fill Blank Walls?

Filling large blank walls takes a lot of creativity, but we’ve got you covered! One thing you can use is wallpaper that takes up the entire wall. A patterned wallpaper that isn’t too busy will allow the wall to look filled without having to add anything else! Or, if wallpaper isn’t your thing, try hanging a bookcase or shelf. This way you will fill your wall and have more space to put your stuff – it’s a win-win!

Another thing to try is artwork, but make sure you don’t just add random pieces as you need to consider the colour palette of the room. The art pieces shouldn't match the dominant colour of the room as you run the risk of an over-styled space. Instead, subtle colours that still complement the room. For example, if your living room has dark-coloured furniture during these fall months, find earthy-hued art pieces.

What is the Most Durable Fabric for Furniture?

Leather is the most durable and long-lasting furniture fabric. If you have pets or children, this is the material to use as it’s easy to clean and won’t wear and tear as easily as others. The best part about leather is that it ages well, getting more durable yet softer with time. The only thing that can ruin your leather furniture in direct sunlight, so make sure not to place it next to the window!

What Best Size Rug for the Living Room?

Most people think you need a large rug that fits all the furniture on top, but that's not ideal for your wallet or your living room. What’s the point of having a hardwood floor if you can’t even see it? There are many other sizes to consider that will complement your living space. Opt for a rug that is at least the length of your couch or, ideally, 6” to 8” wider than the couch on both sides (typical rug sizes are 8’x10′ and 9’x12′). If your rug is only the length of your sofa, then use it as a rug for the coffee table and keep your sofa no farther than 5” from it, so it still looks large enough. If your rug is wider than your couch, then you can put the front legs of your furniture on it – this way, it doesn’t look like it’s taking up the whole room.

What is an Ideal Way to Decorate a Coffee Table?

Books are an excellent piece to add to your coffee table. However, make sure all book covers match in colour or pattern and make sure the books stay organized. However, don't have too many books stacked perfectly as this will make your space look too ‘done-up’ and 'unusable'. You don’t want them to collect dust either, so leave your current favourite open to an aesthetically pleasing page – this will encourage others to look through it!

For TV room coffee tables, try to use small things like bowls or books that won't block the TV - but this only applies to TV Rooms! Everywhere else, use a contrast of large and small pieces to make the table stand out. For example, display a tall vase and a short candle on your coffee table as this will stand out more than a small bowl and small candle.

Can Décor Trends be Mixed?

Mixing popular décor trends can get tricky. You need to know how and where to mix certain trends as you don’t want your house to look busy and all over the place. Use small accents to introduce different styles, such as artwork, vases, throw pillows, blankets, lamps, mirrors, etc. This will allow you to test how some trends look together in your home and if you want to keep them. Also, if some trends become outdated, then these accents will be easy to change or switch out. For example, if you want a modern look with a vintage feel, opt for a modern couch with a vintage rug.

How Can I Make a Small Room Look Larger?

The best thing to use in small rooms is mirrors! They create a visual illusion that makes any room look bigger than it is. But instead of covering the whole wall with a mirror, try using large framed mirrors instead. Your room will look stylish and larger this way! Then tilt the mirrors towards the light for brightness along with depth. Or, add a chandelier, a mirror-topped coffee table, or mirrored cabinet doors to your place, and watch the area open up!

Where Can I Get High-Quality Furniture at a Discounted Price?

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