The 5 Best Ways to Decorate Your Home with Floral Patterns

The 5 Best Ways to Decorate Your Home with Floral Patterns

You know what they say, “April showers bring May flowers,” which is why it's the perfect time to add those floral patterns to your home! Not only should you bring real flowers into your home but try incorporating floral patterns to add a modern and vibrant flair to your living spaces. Check out the five different ways to incorporate floral designs into your home this Spring and Summer!

Hang Art

Hanging one large floral art piece or a collection of smaller ones can make any room pop. Try hanging artwork in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, and watch your home come to life!

Keep in mind that it is important to match your walls to the colours in the paintings. For example, if the painting has purple hues, hang it on a dark wall to really make it pop. But, if the painting has light colours such as baby pink, hang it on a neutral-coloured wall for an airy feel.

Create a Backsplash

You could go with an entire floral accent wall if you’re feeling bold. But, if you want to add just a touch of colour and pattern to your walls, find a small bland spot, maybe above your kitchen or bathroom sink, and add beautiful floral tiles or wallpaper. Just adding a splash of pattern could elevate the room beautifully!

Use as a Centrepiece

Okay, we know we said floral patterns, but real flowers just add a whole new element! There’s nothing like the real thing, truly. Just by adding a bouquet arrangement, some potted flowers, or even ones right from your backyard, can create a gorgeous centrepiece on your dining table, coffee table, or side tables. Just imagine walking into your kitchen every morning and eating breakfast with a beautiful floral arrangement right on your table. And one thing floral patterns cannot do is give off a fresh, natural scent that is sure to lighten your mood! So yes, go buy yourself some flowers – you deserve it!

Make a Statement

Do you have a room that you find too bland and boring? Just simply adding a floral-patterned piece of furniture to the room can make all the difference and make a statement elegantly and stylishly! Maybe it’s a sofa, dining room chairs, a lounge chair, or ottoman – any furniture piece would do! Don’t have the budget to spend on new and expensive furniture? No worries, because at Clearance Furniture, we offer new and trendy furniture below the wholesale price! Get your floral sofas and make that room pop!

Fill in Missing Pieces

Floral patterns don’t always have to steal the show; they can be perfect as accent pieces too! Floral pillows or area rugs add a nice touch. But, if you want something bolder, go for floral curtains in the kitchen with a matching tablecloth or floral tiles! Just make sure your kitchen walls are a softer colour to balance the room out – you don’t want to overdo it with the floral patterns, or your place will start to look tacky and outdated.

There truly are endless possibilities when it comes to floral designs. Pick a few of your favourites from this blog, and your home is sure to look fresh, contemporary, and beautiful!

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