Summer 2021’s Most Sought-After Home Décor Looks

Summer 2021’s Most Sought-After Home Décor Looks

We’re still in the midst of summer here in Canada (don’t even think about talking about fall, we’re not ready), and we’ve been noticing some of the hottest summer home looks that have swept the market this season. If you’re looking to revamp your space and make your home more presentable to your guests that you’re beginning to have over again (woohoo), then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our findings on the most sought-after decor trends of Summer 2021!

Blue, Blue, and More Blue

Voted as the number one colour of the summer by interior designers, blue is the ‘in’ colour right now…it’s literally everywhere! More specifically, people are going for bold blues, nothing too light or neutral. It's all about bold looks that stand out. Try adding blue in every room, whether a bright accent wall in your living room, bold cabinets in the kitchen, or fun throw pillows in the bedroom - blue is the way to go! Get creative with how you incorporate this beautiful colour that reminds us of those gorgeous summer skies.

Minimalistic Japandi Style

Maybe you’ve heard of Japandi, and maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, we’re not surprised because this new design trend has only recently hit the market. Getting hotter and hotter by the day (much like this summer), Japandi is an artsy combination of simplicity and nature that combines two cultures into one. As a result, you get a striking yet minimalist design that looks and feels natural and calming

So, just simply combine natural wood furnishings with plants, muted pottery, vases, and baskets to complete this look. Your home will feel vibrant and full of life without going overboard. This style is all about keeping it simple, but not too simple – you still want some character!

A Mix of Modern & Vintage

We’ve talked about 5 Ways to Make Vintage Pieces Look Flawless in Your Home, and one of the ways was to layer vintage with contemporary. Oh man, is this becoming a huge trend this summer, and we couldn’t be happier! People are calling it “rustic vogue," as it combines the old and the new. This makes for a super unique-looking home that strays away from the cookie-cutter look that most people loved years ago. Homeowners want to bring more character into their spaces than they did before. What a fun combination and freeing combination!

Scarce/Understated Luxury

Similar to the rustic vogue and Japandi trends, people are leaning towards simpler styles where they don’t have to go all out. However, people are now splurging on just one luxurious item to showcase – one piece that makes them feel good about their space that they feel was worth the money. It could be a gorgeous cabinet, exclusive vanity, floor-to-ceiling mirror, anything that is grand, expensive, and oh so worth it! Everything else in their home is usually inexpensive if they have that one item. So, to save on the rest of your home items, shop our collection of new and gently used furniture on our website for a discounted price. Happy shopping!

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