Style Tips for an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Style Tips for an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Let's all be honest - you were using your guest bedroom as a storage room during the pandemic, weren't you? Don’t lie because we all were! Well, now that we can finally see friends and family, it’s time to declutter and spruce up those guest rooms for your guests to stay over once again!

Check out our six helpful style tips to make your guest room feel like a home away from home for your guests.

Choose a Theme

It all starts with a theme - choose one and stick with it! A theme allows for the room to have a cohesive look, making it easy on the eyes.

You don’t want random patterns and materials, and you don’t want to start throwing whatever you have into the guest room either. This will make it look chaotic, causing some unintentional stress. The best thing you can do for any guest room is to stick with a cohesive theme and colour to impress your guests, not to scare them away.

Create a Comfortable Space

The most important part of the guest room is to make it a comfortable place to rest. Nothing is worse than sleeping over at someone’s house on their rock-hard bed or super uncomfortable sofa. Make comfort a priority and choose quality bedroom furniture, so your guests are comfortable and happy!

However, comfort doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. There are lots of ways to make a room comfortable yet stylish. Adding throw pillows and blankets makes the room look cozy while serving a purpose. You can also find cute, cheap lounge chairs that are comfortable and look great! Shop ours here today!

Symmetry Works Wonderfully

When in doubt, make the room symmetrical! Add the same side tables and lamps to each end of the bed, giving guests that hotel vibe that always works. Using symmetry is also great for creating a space streamline and diverting visual clutter.

When shopping for your guest room, think about who you usually host - individuals, couples, families, friends, etc. This can determine whether you should opt for one bed or two of the same twin-sized beds. Either way, you can make both looks symmetrical.

Use Furniture Wisely

When adding furniture to the guest room, think wisely about your choices. Don’t just throw furniture in there because you have no other place to put it. For example, why would you need a desk and chair in the guest room? Your guests are there to sleep, so give them more space rather than cramming in a desk. If you feel you need a space for them to put their things, opt for a side table or a small dresser – that’s more than enough!

Keep the Room Tidy & Fresh

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s time to declutter and clean up your guest room. Who wants to walk into a messy room right before heading to sleep? Not us! We also suggest keeping drawers and closets empty for your guests to keep their things. This way they won’t feel they’re intruding.

When cleaning, don’t just do an easy one-two wipe down. It’s time to clean like you’ve never cleaned before! The last thing you want is your friends or family to think your place is dirty - then they’ll never want to stay over. Clean the sheets and make the bed, mop or vacuum the floors, dust the furniture, fold the blankets, and don’t forget to scrub down the bathroom. Your guests are sure to be impressed by your efforts!

After you clean, put some flowers in a vase and put them next to the bed. This shows that you really thought about their stay. It's is an easy thing to do that brightens up the room!

Decorate for the Holidays

If you have family or friends visiting for the holidays often, update the room for every holiday to change things up and make it festive. Add holiday blankets and pillows around this time of year, put a box of chocolates in the room during Valentine’s Day, place a stuffed bunny on the bed for Easter, and so on. Keep things light and fun all year round!

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