Spring Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Alive

Spring Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Alive

Spring is in the air! It’s that time of year where we can look forward to warmer days full of sunshine, blooming trees, green grass, and chirping birds. It’s also the time of year where we declutter, clean, and restyle! Everyone loves a change of scenery, which is why a Spring Makeover is just the thing! Not only will it make you feel productive, but a fresh, alive, and airy feel will ultimately boost your mood and make you happier – who doesn’t want that! So, we thought we’d help you out with some Spring Makeover tips to restyle and declutter your home or condo at the same time (it’s a win-win, woohoo)!

Add Colour and Greenery

Poufs on striped carpet in spacious living room interior with plants and table next to sofa with pillows

The most obvious place to start for your Spring makeover is with colour! Adding colour and greenery to your spaces to liven them up is key. Think flowers and plants (try potted ones, so they don’t die off quickly), but more than just a few here and there. Try adding them throughout your entire home (at least two in each room), and go crazy with the greenery if you’d like (you can never have too much!). Not to mention the health benefits that can come from having live plants in your living spaces (avoid fake ones!). Watch as Spring blooms inside your own home, lifting your spirits and creating excitement for the warm weather ahead!

You can also add colour with fun accents. Try decorative pillows, blankets, bedding, centrepieces, rugs, accessories, furniture pieces, and other small accessories. Just a small pop of colour can add so much life to your spaces! Try to stick with monochromatic colours or contrasting colours for a cohesive look.

Reorganize in Style

Spring is all about reorganization! The best part is you can do it in style. Organizational units can add character to your spaces if you keep them neat and tidy. The best furniture to declutter and store away items are ottomans with storage compartments. These multi-purpose pieces tuck away items so they are out of sight while also providing comfort and style. Our Janet Storage Bench is perfect for your bedroom! Shop it here!

However, organization and decluttering do not always mean hiding everything in sight. You still want your home to look like a home that you live in, or it can end up looking too cookie-cutter and uncomfortable. Try repurposing an old bookshelf or wall unit for open storage in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Not only will it add character and fill up wall space, but you’ll have everything you need laying out right in front of you! Just make sure to return things in their place – don’t get too lazy with this one!

Another great idea is a bar cart in your living or dining room. Yes, bar carts are becoming more and more popular in homes, not just in the bar. These quirky items can add style and character to your spaces while also serving as a convenient way to store and organize dishes and silverware for quick and easy access.

Create a Focal Point

If you are someone who only cleans in Spring, then never again, this tip is for you! By creating a focal point in every room, you can divert people’s attention to a specific place in the room (keep this area tidy at the very least!). Choose a fun piece of furniture like a bright coloured couch, ottoman, or table.

Another way to draw attention to a specific area in the room is to create an accent wall. Choose one wall and paint it a bold colour or put up some fun floral wallpaper. You can make this corner aesthetically pleasing with a cute lounge chair, blankets and pillows, a small side table, lamp, and stylish rug. Turn this space into a cute reading corner in your room or living room. Or, if you’re feeling creative and unique, make your ceiling the statement wall! It will change things up in an entirely new way.

Now we are not saying a focal point will totally mask a messy room, but it can help! Plus, if you feel you have an attention-grabbing area, you may be more inclined to tidy up every once in a while to make your furniture or accent wall really pop and stand out!

Go for Lighter and Natural Furniture Pieces

Spring is all about colour and warm neutrals. You want things to feel light and airy in your home, like a summer cottage (now, that’s a relaxing vibe!). Lighter, more natural wooden pieces do just the trick as they make a room look spacious and calming. Try light wooden dressers, coffee tables, chairs, or barstools like our Venice Barstool that is perfect for Spring! You could also add some lighter accessories to your home to really give it that cottage feel.

If you have some time on your hands and want a fun DIY project, purchase an old vintage vanity, table, or desk from our site, and paint it white! Or turn it into a completely different item like a fun bench or foyer console. Find out more ways to make vintage furniture work in your home by reading our last blog here!

Repurpose Unused Spaces

Why not make your home more functional by repurposing the spaces you don’t use in your home! Have an old exercise room, spare room, or even garage that you don’t use much anymore? Give it a complete makeover and turn it into a room you know you’ll use! Unused rooms can also become a place for clutter to accumulate - a place where you keep all your old junk that you should have thrown out years ago (is that an old worn-out jacket from the 80s?). You may think your garage or closet is meant for clutter, but imagine what those rooms could look like instead!

Picture a clean garage to park your car in or turning it into a workshop, pool house, TV room, or gym. The possibilities are endless! Use your space wisely, especially during these times stuck at home! When repurposing your rooms, make sure to check out our collection of new and used furniture that is listed below the original wholesale price! Repurpose your home this Spring and turn it into a place where you can thrive!

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As you can see, Spring is not only about aesthetics (although that's a huge part), but it's also about decluttering your home for better functionality. Spring is just around the corner, so there is no better time to start your Spring Makeover! With discounted furniture pieces from Clearance Furniture, your home is sure to look ready for the warm weather in no time!

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