Small Cozy Home Additions for the Cold Winter Days

Small Cozy Home Additions for the Cold Winter Days

It’s been a cold one out there lately! Doesn’t it just make you want to cozy up inside and read a good book or binge-watch your favourite show? Us too! But you'll need the perfect additions to make your home extra cozy and warm during these cold and snowy months. Keep reading to check out some of our ideas!

All the Fluffy & Shaggy Accents

The first thing that comes to mind when we think cozy is fluffy and shaggy accents like throw pillows and blankets – and the shaggier, the better! Nothing feels more inviting than some soft fluffy blankets on the couch or the biggest and furriest pillows to cuddle up to in bed. Opt for faux fur pillows in shades of white as they usually go with every colour scheme in the house – you'll have a cozy yet versatile look!

Lay Down Some Area Rugs

If your home has hardwood everywhere (which is not a bad thing whatsoever), try laying down some cozy area rugs as they're essential for keeping your feet warm! Slippers just don't cut it when it's this cold! Plus, the right area rug can make your spaces look warm, cozy, and inviting. Add one in the living room where your guests spend the most time so they can feel comfortable in your home. You can go for fluffy white rugs to match the pillows and blankets or try a fun patterned rug to change things up!

Change to Softer Lighting

During the day, we suggest opening those blinds to let the sunshine in on the short colder days – you’re body craves that sunlight! But once it gets dark, you’ll want soft, and dimmed lighting to feel cozy and relaxed after a long day. Get a dimmer for your current lights or switch them out altogether to create the perfect atmosphere. Another fun tip for a cozy Netflix setup is hanging string lights in your bedroom or living room – you won’t regret this idea!

Create a Cozy Corner to Fill Empty Spaces

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you know we’re suckers for a cozy reading corner! It’s the perfect way to fill up any empty space inside your home, especially when empty spaces look cold and unappealing during this time of year. All you need is a lounge chair, some throw blankets, some pillows, and maybe a small ottoman for your feet. Not only do reading corners look great, but they become the coziest spot in the house - you're welcome!

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