Father's Day Living Room with Father's Day Gifts like a TV & wine

Presents for Dad this Father’s Day 

Next weekend is the Father’s Day weekend, which means it’s time to celebrate Dad! Show him that he’s the best Dad with awesome father’s day gifts for the home.

Need gift ideas for Dad? First, let’s think about some of his favourite hobbies. Does he love sports? What kind of sports? Weightlifting, basketball, fishing? Does he like to create? Is he a self-taught cook? Does he like to paint? These are the questions we ask ourselves when looking for Dad’s gift.

Father's Day gifts for Dad the Sports Fan

Whether Dad is a die-hard fan for the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors, Argos, or any other team, you can’t go wrong with a sports team themed gift. Regardless of what his favourite team is, stick with buying home décor of team colours like memorabilia and maybe even getting a comfortable sofa topped with a sports team blanket. Is it time to replace the TV as well? Dad will enjoy watching his games in high definition on a 46” Samsung TV.

We can assure you, discussions about whether Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James was the greatest basketball player of all time or debates of whether Lawrence Taylor or Aaron Donald was the best NFL defensive player of all time will be much more interesting and much more comfortable with Dad! To tie up the whole gift, make sure to take time to watch a game with Dad!

Dad the Sports Player

If Dad’s a sports fan, there’s a good chance he also enjoys playing sports. Nevertheless, replenishing some of your Dad’s equipment like a new fishing rod, a new set of workout clothes, or a new tennis rack will bring a smile to his face. He’ll need a space to store some of his equipment, so investing in a storage like our Wood Bar can be used as a multi-purpose storage system for Dad!

We also have some suggestions to make this gift extra special for Dad! Have any old pictures of him playing football in high school? Maybe you have a photo of him playing hockey as a kid. When presenting this gift to him, surprise him with some nostalgia using framed photos of his sporty childhood! We’re sure Dad will love this surprise.

Dad the Wine Enthusiast

Is Dad a wine connoisseur? Does he have opinions on Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay? We’ve got some great Father’s Day ideas for this classy man. To point out the obvious, make sure to get him a bottle of some fine wine or tickets to a winery! We also mentioned earlier that the Wood bar can be used as a multi-purpose storage system; Dad can store some of his favourite wines for a quick drink during a sports game or after a long day!

Dad the Entrepreneur

Does Dad run his own business? Is he a self-made businessman? Is he always on the grind? Maybe he works from home? No worries, we understand! Dad can be quite the busy bee, that’s why we suggest our Mahogany Workstation – we definitely think a busy man like Dad would appreciate a workstation to elevate his productivity and run his business.

Gifts like a workstation are so practical! But, what would be impractical is that he didn’t have a comfortable chair to work on. That’s why we recommend an executive office chair. Dad will be comfier working with the extra lower-back support and it may become his favourite chair of all time. You might even become his favourite co-worker with this gift.

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