Modern Interior Design Trends for 2020

Modern Interior Design Trends for 2020

The best way to summarize 2020’s modern design trend is that anything goes. For the past couple of years, traditional design trends have been disregarded. Now, homeowners are embracing a more unique look as individuality and custom pieces are the new go-to in home interior design. This isn’t to say that typical signature looks are out of style. In 2020, people are starting to add onto these looks and find ways to make them stand out!

Here are some of our favourite interior design trends this year.

Sustainable Furniture & Décor

This trend appeared in 2019 but was never at the forefront of interior design. This year however, upcycling, antiquing and making sustainable furniture choices has become increasingly popular. For homeowners who enjoy antiquing and DIY décor, this is going to be the year when your home design truly shines! If you typically purchase new materials, upholsteries including leatherette and wool are taking over in comparison to less sustainable materials such as polyesters and acrylics.

Layers & Patterns

In 2020, patterns are going to be bolder than ever before! Now, patterns are being layered and used in unique places, especially tabletops and rugs. The important factor for this trend is that you’re using a consistent colour or colour pallet throughout your home, where you can easily mix bold patterns so that your home remains stylish. People are starting to include a patterned accent wall, patterned armchair and much more!

Natural Luxury

This trend combines natural materials with a luxurious touch. Marble is being used in countertops in washrooms and dining rooms and is also being seen on coffee tables and end tables. Other popular materials in 2020 include plaster and linen. This trend is ideal for those who don’t prefer to avoid earthy tones, but still want to design to achieve sustainable and luxurious designs.

Mixing Metals

Embrace the freedom of mixing different coloured metals together! Your kitchen doesn’t have to be all stainless steel anymore. In 2020, the trend is to mix chrome, stainless steel or brass altogether in one space. This will allow you to experiment with several colours without having to dedicate an entire room to it! Now, you can mix together chrome, black and rose gold, while having decorative items that match all the metals.

Maximalism Instead of Minimalism

Although minimalism has been the leading trend for several years, maximalism is the new trend that’s taking over contemporary design. Unlike the simplistic approach, maximalism incorporates more patterns, metals and DIY projects that emulate luxury and style! A maximalist design will be successful as long as you don’t make your space look too cluttered.

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