Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

The new year is all about fresh starts – so why not set your year up for success with a new home decor look! Keep your place looking modern and chic with the latest interior design trends, and get ahead of it all with the most popular looks of the year!

Ready to redecorate with these 4 interior design trends that will simply dominate 2022? Then keep reading!

Chocolate Brown is the “It” Colour

Chocolate browns and caramels are the colours of the new year! We’ve not only seen this colour show up in fashion trends recently but home décor trends too! It’s the classy, warm colour we all love right now.

Pastels and neutrals will take a back seat in 2022, while colours still found in nature, like browns and terracotta tones, will be incorporated.

Chocolate brown feels nice and warm – we want our spaces to make us feel something, especially during these cold, dark months.

In fact, all the trends on this list have a way of making us feel something special – which is well needed after these last few tough years.

Sustainability is in High Demand

Last year it was all about vintage, and that’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, a new trend that's usually tied to homeowners with vintage pieces is sustainable materials and fabrics.

The new generation of homeowners are environmentally aware – they care about where their materials come from and how they impact the planet. We think this is an amazing home trend that could make a real difference! How amazing would it be to live in a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is helping the planet heal – that is 100% a win-win!

Go for Round, Sculpture-Like Furniture

Any type of round or soft-edge form gives off a warm and friendly vibe, making us feel safe - and this year, just like the last two, is all about feeling safe and comfortable. But as the effects of the pandemic continue to consume us, we need an escape – and what better way to escape than with odd, sculpture-shaped furniture pieces that makes us feel like we’re transcending into a different time and place.

Think of it as escapism from the real world. Bubble-looking pieces of furniture have never been seen in the past – it’s like a whole new imaginary space. We all want our home to make us feel happy and stress-free – maybe this is the trend that can do this for us.

Sculpture-like pieces are very similar to bubble furniture because they look the same. However, sculpture-like pieces allow us to feel like we've escaped back in time instead, to a period that we never got to experience. We’re all itching for new ways of viewing the world in some shape or form - allow it to be your own home!

Tactile & Textured Pieces Are a Must-Have

We as humans are hands-on creatures - it’s in our DNA. Just think – babies love to touch everything they see because they’re curious. Well, adults are the same! Except we have the experience and self-control to hold back, allowing textiles and textures to make us feel something emotionally instead. Just textured materials being present makes us comfortable and at ease.

Think of soft and fluffy rugs, a textured vase, or even a velvet couch. Don’t these items make you feel good? It’s because, as adults, we know how they feel already, and we remember how those materials make us feel inside. Our natural curiosity turns into memories.

So, with 2022 being the third year of the pandemic, people need to feel comfortable – that’s why textured items are slowly making their way into many homes this year. They look fantastic and make us feel good!

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