How to Style Your Living Room with a Red Sofa

How to Style Your Living Room with a Red Sofa

Red sofas are the ultimate living room decorative statement! They can give your space a bold and fun look while making your sofa the centre of attention. But you must know how to decorate the rest of the space around the sofa to compliment it nicely. If not, you could risk your living room looking tacky and all over the place. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect tips for styling that new red sofa – check it out!

Surround with Neutrals

We believe the best way to make a red sofa stand out - but also keep your living room on the subtly side - is to surround it with neutrals. Keep the walls white, get a glass or wood coffee table, make sure the other love seat or lounge chairs are a beautiful beige or white, lay down a white fluffy rug, and use neutral-coloured pillows and throw blankets. This will make that red sofa look inviting and classy!

Give it an Old School Feel

A nice traditional or cottage-like feel goes great with a red sofa! Go for patterns and wood accents - think stripes, plaids, and prints. A beautiful, patterned rug and some throw pillows in the same style look amazing with a red sofa. Try to find a wooden coffee table with farmhouse legs that go out at the ends. The old-fashioned, traditional red sofa look can make your living room feel cozier than the neutral-looking one if that's what you want to go for!

Or Keep Things Modern & Fresh

Neutral colours will definitely make your red sofa look modern but try adding abstract pieces and metal accents for an even more modern look. Minimalism is another way to make a space look new and fresh. If you really want your red sofa to be the centre of attention, don’t clutter it and make it the only seating in the room. Just style it with simple side tables and a low-to-the-floor metal coffee table. Guests are sure to be impressed when they see your contemporary space!

Go Bold All-Around

Okay, want to really make a statement in your living room? Make the entire living room bold - your red sofa doesn’t always have to be the centre of attention! Go for a bohemian style with a multitude of striking colours. Add yellows, greens, blues, purples, and pinks! Some pink throw pillows would just be perfect for Valentine’s Day in a few weeks! Even some eyecatching and colourful artwork could make your space look alive. We’d suggest sticking to one to two other colours, or picking monochromatic shades of red for a sleek yet bold look. Let your creativity shine!

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