How to Stay Productive with the Right Home Office

How to Stay Productive with the Right Home Office

A new year feels like a fresh start, especially after the challenging year we had all faced. Although we wish we were back in the office (or not, maybe you love the fact that you don’t have to sit through traffic!), we still have to continue to work from home. The first week back from the holidays is always the toughest for motivation and productivity, but here at Clearance Furniture, we want you to get back to work with a bang, feel your best, and keep you as productive as you can! So, we’ve come up with four ideas on how to spice up your home office to keep you working hard and staying energized! Enjoy this read, and happy new year!

Utilize Your Space

Most of us have been forced to work from home, and not all of us may have the room to create an entire home office, which is why it’s important to utilize your space! Maybe you have a whole room dedicated to a home office, or maybe it’s just a corner you could find somewhere in your home. Either way, you have to make this space work! If you just have a small nook to work with, try getting a corner desk that will give you more surface to work on without taking up too much space. If that’s still too big, try a smaller desk with a filing cabinet that can go beside or beneath your desk; this way, you’ll have a spot to store everything! Your desk will stay clear, and you’ll have more room on the surface to work. Whatever space you have, make sure your furniture is working to your advantage!

Organize Your Home Office

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to declutter! Not only can clutter cause subconscious and unnecessary stress, but it can become distracting and leave you feeling unproductive. Once you organize, you’ll have a nicely cleaned desk to work on, giving you more room and peace of mind. Don't know where to put all of your stuff? Well, Clearance Furniture has you covered! We have new and gently used filing cabinets that will keep your work documents and miscellaneous items out of sight and out of mind! Keep the cabinet beside your desk, or tuck it away underneath to save space! Once you have organized everything nicely, you will start to focus more on your work and less on the thousands of scattered pens across your desk.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable…But Not Too Comfortable

Comfort is key when it comes to working eight or more hours a day. You don’t want to develop any back pain or sore legs from the wrong chair. On the contrary, you don’t want to be working in the softest and comfiest chair you’ve ever sat in either. If you’re working from bed, well, that’s just a recipe for unproductivity! So, it’s time you invest in a quality chair that's not too hard or soft, allowing you to think about your work rather than your back pain!

If you shop our site, you’ll find many types of office chairs all at a discounted price because we care about your comfort! As much as we would love for you to sit in our office chairs all day long, we do recommend you get up from your desk every hour to shake out your legs and walk around the room. These short little breaks will keep you more productive in the long run since you will be giving your eyes and brain a rest every once in a while!

Eliminate Distractions by Creating a Productive Atmosphere

This tip is pretty self-explanatory: the fewer distractions you have around you, the more productive you’ll be. Pretend your home office is your real office, and your boss is sitting directly across from you. Would you be on your phone all day texting and browsing social media? No, you would be working your butt off! The best advice we have that doesn’t even involve furniture is to keep your phone out of arm's reach. In fact, keep it in another room! And if you need it for work, then put social media and text notifications on do not disturb.

When you put in the work to keep your home office distraction-free and organized, you’ll truly see the difference it will make in your productivity levels. We know it's not fun to go back to work in the new year after the holidays, but you won’t dread it if you are set up for success - you have got this! So, good luck, and we are wishing you the most productive year yet!

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