How to Pick Out Furniture Like A Pro

How to Pick Out Furniture Like A Pro

Picking out furniture can be a fun yet daunting task. Where do I start? Where do I put everything? What pieces will look good together? How do I organize? Will I have the budget? There are so many questions. But the reality is that we have to pick out furniture many times throughout our lives as we move around and trends come and go, so why not become a pro at furniture shopping! We might as well learn how to make this daunting task a little less dreadful for the future. Check out our tips below!

Start With the Basics in Every Room

It’s best to start simple and work your way up. Before you search Google or hit up a furniture store like Clearance Furniture, it’s best to plan out your spaces and start by thinking about the basics in each room. What is every room used for, and what are the staple pieces you need for those rooms? It's best to then think about how you want those basic pieces to function. Do you want your TV to sit on a dresser or in a wall cabinet? A Queen or King bed (get the king, you won’t regret it)? Light or dark dining table? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Pick Out Your Personal Style Beforehand

Once you've started asking yourself questions about the basic furniture going in your home, it’s time to broaden your thinking into accent pieces, accessories, and everything else. The best way to become a pro at furniture shopping is to know what you like and want. So start doing your research, see what’s in this year (check out some 2021 trends here and here), and know what you want – it is your space after all!

Have Spatial Awareness

If you’re going to be a furniture pro, you need spatial awareness. Be aware of how large or small your rooms are, then purchase furniture that fits and compliments those spaces. For example, if you live in a condo or small townhouse, you won’t want to fill the whole place with big bulky items.

Try going for smaller items or only one large item and a few smaller items, so the room doesn’t become crowded - you need room to actually live, and, you know…breath! You can also check out one of our other blog posts here, where we discuss some furnishing and décor tips to make your home look bigger.

Don’t Forget the Complimentary Pieces

When picking out furniture, you can’t forget the complementary pieces! We’re talking the side tables, the footstools, the storage pieces, the computer table, the cabinet for the fancy silverware, anything that adds to the function of the space, ultimately complementing it!

Make sure these items are mapped out in your mental floorplan, so when you go shopping, you know exactly what you need, and nothing is forgotten or left out. This way, you can get in and get out in a jiffy!

Explore with Texture & Colour

Lastly comes the creativity! Get as creative as you want with your space and go for items that suit your style. Don’t know how to make your rooms unique? No worries, when in doubt, we suggest you play around with colour or texture. These two things can change the aesthetic of any room in so many different ways.

Try neutrals with one pop of colour for a fun yet classy look, velvet couches with dark colours for a bold look, comfy fabrics like wool or teddy fabric with light colours for a cozy look and feel, and so on! There are so many ways you can incorporate colour and texture – just let your creative juices flow!

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