How to Master an Open-Concept Design

How to Master an Open-Concept Design

We’ve all seen them at this point. - open-concept designs in homes have taken over the industry. Who doesn’t have an open concept design these days?

The problem with these popular floor plans is furnishing them in a way that looks good and works with your space. Well, we’re here to give you the best tips so you can master this design in whatever home you move into! Check out our ideas below.

Unify with Colour

To make both rooms look like one, unifying them, try choosing one or two colours and use them throughout the kitchen and living room spaces. Let’s say you choose blue - paint all the walls blue and use blue accents throughout, such as through pillows, stools, and curtains in both spaces.

Add a Large L-Couch

If you’re looking to close off the space rather than open things up, then we have the hack for you! Purchase a a large sofa, specifically an L-shaped sofa, from Clearance furniture to divide the rooms. An L-shaped couch is a perfect way to divide the space up subtly. Homeowners can still see and talk to their guests without things feeling closed off or isolated.

Use Furniture as Dividers

Speaking of using furniture to divide the space up, try using other pieces other than a sofa! There are many options, you could use a counter, a table and stools, or our favourite, a large floor-to-ceiling bookcase!

A bookcase is perfect for those who’d rather close off the space a little more, acting as another wall almost! Not only do these large pieces of furniture act as a barrier, but they’re perfect for storage and look absolutely beautiful in the home.

Use Rugs

If you don’t want to divide the space up physically with furniture because you still enjoy the openness, then try some rugs! They’re subtle yet let the eye know how the room is divided up.

Lay down rugs in the living room area, under the sofa and coffee table, and one under the dining room table for a completed look. This looks beautiful on wooden floors.

Keep It as Minimal as Possible

Open-concept designs look best when there isn’t furniture and other things everywhere. The more clutter, the smaller the room looks, defeating the purpose of an open-concept area. You want the room to look larger, so play with that. Furnish your space in the trendy minimalistic style, so your space feels bigger, while also looking clean and stylish.

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