How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New

How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New

Purchasing new furniture for your home is one of the most satisfying feelings. It’s an enjoyment most people want forever. Well, it is possible to keep your furniture looking new and fresh while still enjoying the benefits it has to offer! Instead of completely wrapping your furniture in plastic or avoiding any usage, consider these strategic care tips that are guaranteed to extend the life of your furniture and have your place looking brand-spanking new, years after that initial purchase!

Protect Surfaces

Number one on this list is how to protect your furniture from water, stains, and scratches. There are numerous ways to keep your tabletops and wood surfaces spotless. You want to make sure you always use coasters for preventing watermarks and stains; felt and cork bottom ones are the most ideal as they also limit scratches. If your children or guests are too forgetful to put a coaster down, then tablecloths, placemats, and glass coverings are great options too. If you want something simple and easy to clean, go for glass slates that can sit atop wooden tables. These will protect your table and still allow you to enjoy the look of wood furnishings in your home. Be careful not to get moisture trapped in between the glass and wood by cleaning and keeping the area as dry as possible.

If you have any furry friends in your home, you'll want to prevent scratches, stains, and unwanted hair. Invest in table clothes, chair covers, protective pads, or blankets to keep surfaces looking in tip-top shape while still being able to enjoy your dog's love and affection.

Rotate Cushions

It is crucial to rotate your couch and ottoman cushions if you want them to look un-used. We all tend to have our favourite spots on the sofa and sit in those spots every day. This habit ends up damaging our cushions by wearing them down in only one place. But if you rotate your cushions and pillows at least once a week or sit in different areas of the couch, you will notice a big difference in the depletion of your seating areas. Also, don’t forget about the bedroom mattresses! Rotate your mattress every six months to keep them from sinking in.

Dust and Vacuum Your Furniture

Dusting and vacuuming are the most quintessential cleaning regimens there are, and for a good reason! Not only is frequent dusting and vacuuming beneficial for your health, but it protects surfaces from unwanted grit and dirt build-up. Complete these tasks weekly or bi-weekly with a soft, dry cloth or brush for dusting and a small cordless handheld vacuum for cleaning those hard-to-reach couch creases with ease. You should avoid cleaning supplies with rough bristles because the last thing you want to do is scratch your furniture while trying to make it look good!

Polish Wood Surfaces After Cleaning

Cleaning wood furniture can often strip their natural finishes. Polishing your wood surfaces after you clean will bring back its shine and leave it looking brand new, all while protecting the wood. Avoid using polishes that contain high amounts of alcohol as they can damage the original finish, leaving you with opposite results.

Keep Away from Heating Vents

When you can, avoid putting furniture near heating vents. If you have no other option, leave at least one and a half feet between vents and furniture items. Fabric furnishings can develop mold and discolouration, and wood furnishings can warp or crack if left too close to the vent. Heat and moisture are never ideal for any house fittings, so keep that area as free as possible.

It’s also imperative to keep a consistent temperature in your home because dramatic changes can affect humidity level, creating unwanted moisture in the air and damaging your furniture.

Avoid Using Abrasive or Corrosive Cleaning Products

The last thing you want to do is end up damaging your surfaces while trying to maintain their look and feel. Investing in proper cleaning products and materials will prevent unwanted wearing and stripping, allowing your furniture to stay clean for a lengthy period. If you don’t have the budget for expensive cleaning products, you can easily create your own cleaning concoctions that will do the job just as well, but in an environmentally friendly way – it’s a win-win! Always test cleaning products on a small area of your furniture to avoid bleaching or damaging fabric and surfaces.

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