How to Incorporate Bright Colours in Your Home Design and Furniture

How to Incorporate Bright Colours in Your Home Design and Furniture

Furnishing and accessorizing a home while incorporating bright colours can present a challenge for most homeowners.

Typically, homes are furnished with neutral shades including beige, brown, black, white, grey and navy blue. However, if you dare to be bold and want to add cheerful colours to your space, then consider some of these tips on how to pair bold hues with neutral shades!

Add Contrast with Bright Accessories in Neutral Space

It’s common to furnish and accessorize with a completely neutral colour palette, but when you add just a few hints of colour it can make a true impact on a room, even if you’re opting for a simpler look. For example, a bedroom with white walls and light furniture can feature a bright side table, light fixture, accent pillows or a mirror frame. This way, your bedroom can pop! When including bright colours, try making them different textures to keep the room from looking flat.

Focal Point

When integrating bright coloured furniture pieces, it’s easier and less overwhelming to choose a signature piece that can be the focal point of the room. Consider adding a bright sofa chair to a neutral family room. Pair this with similar coloured accessories like pillows or blankets, in order to really tie the room together.

60 – 30 – 10

The 60/30/10 rule is well known in the interior design industry.

This is how it works:

  • Use one colour for 60% of the room (ex. The walls)
  • Use another colour for 30% of the room (ex. Furniture and window treatments)
  • Use a third colour for 10% of the room (ex. A few stylish accents)

If you follow this guideline, you’ll be amazed at how remarkable the room looks!

Pick a Colour that Suits a Purpose

Each colour represents a different psychological effect. For instance, specific shades of orange or yellow can make you hungry, while blues are the opposite and usually provide a calming effect. Prior to choosing a colour scheme, research how each colour makes you feel.

Black with Bright Colours

When pairing black with bright colours, you’ll notice that the colours look more lifelike, which in turn provides a stunning contrast. Similarly, including black elements in your décor can truly make the bright colours you’ve chosen for the room stand out.

Unexpected Spots

Get creative with your colour scheme and experiment with placing bright colours in unexpected spots. One way you can do this is by purchasing a white bookshelf with a bright coloured backing. You can also style your cupboards or storage space so that they open up to reveal a bright red or pink. Homeowners should also consider adding bright upholstery on modern barstools in a neutral coloured kitchen.

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