How to Improve the Look of Your Home Without Renovations

How to Improve the Look of Your Home Without Renovations

With tighter restrictions and more people staying at home, people are getting tired of seeing the same four walls all day. If you’re looking to improve and update your home but don’t have the budget for a full home renovation, then you’ve come to the right place! Below you can find eight different ways to spruce up your home without hiring a contractor. Enjoy!

Introduce New Lighting

New lighting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to turn your place from drab to fab - that’s why we put it first on the list! Overhead lights can be too harsh, and older lamps can make the place look dreary and dark. Get entirely new lamps or rearrange them to have the light come from a different spot than you’re used to seeing.

Another thing you can try is a dimmer on all your lights so you can have the right intensity for whatever mood you feel. Also, make sure to change your lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones to save you money while still keeping the place bright. Play around with your lights and see what works best for your home….and for your selfies!

Paint Walls and Cabinets

Painting may be a lot of work and ultimately feel like a renovation, but it’s one of the best ways to update your home on a budget! Painting is very affordable and can make all the difference in the mood and feel of your home. Go for a yellow hue to brighten up your space for those gloomy rainy/snowy days that show up during this time of year. Or choose a soft grey or navy blue to make your place look bold, new, and modern.

If painting an entire wall seems like a bigger job than you planned for, try painting the kitchen cabinets! You can make cabinets look entirely new just by giving them a new paint job. It doesn’t take as long as a full wall, and you can fool your guests into thinking you got new cabinets – HA!

Create a Reading Corner

Are you tired of sitting in the same spots within your house? Try making a cozy little reading corner in the living room or your bedroom, and make sure it's by the window so you can get some beautiful natural lighting! Grab a lounge chair and side table from Clearance Furniture, as we have everything at a discounted price - perfect for staying within your budget! Add a throw blanket and some knitted pillows and, there you go, a cozy new place to sit and read, bird watch, or even people watch, lol!

Bring Plants Inside

As we spend more time indoors and the weather starts to get colder, try bringing some plants and greenery inside your home. Adding some potted plants not only brightens up the place but will lift your mood during these colder and gloomier months. It also gives you something to do as you’ll have to water and take care of them. You’ll be a plant parent with an aesthetically pleasing home!

If you want to add a pop of colour other than green, get potted flowers or even making it a biweekly routine to pick up fresh flowers for yourself. Watch how you and your room light up!

Replace Door Handles

Another easy way to make your house look brand new is by changing the handles on your doors and cabinets. If you paint them as well, they'll look just like new! Go for modern and trendy handles that look very different from your current ones, so the difference is noticeable and stands out to you.

If you're looking for even more items to change in your house to make certain areas look brand new, try updating other fixtures like the faucets, light switches, or bedframes!

Cover Kitchen Countertops

Countertops can be one of the things you really wish you could renovate but don’t have the budget or time. Well, we have a solution/quick fix! Try covering a section of your counters with a beautiful large wooden or fogged glass cutting board or a quality slab of marble. This can is also great for covering up any marks or chips that you cannot fix right away. Freshly painted cabinets and new counter accessories? Wow, your kitchen must be looking amazing by now!

Add New Open Shelves

Here’s a solution for both blank walls and messy rooms or cabinets. Make and hang open DIY shelves! You’ll only need a few materials to make these small shelves, then all you have to do is hang them up and put your clutter on them in an organized way. This is great for open walls in any room - in the kitchen if you have no more cabinet space and want to show off some glassware, in the living room to organize books, or even in your laundry room to make it look clean and tidy! Shelves are versatile, useful, and stylish. You'll be wondering why you haven't used them sooner!

Change Window and Shower Curtains

Changing your window or shower curtains can make you feel as though you live somewhere entirely new! Try different colours or patterns that go with the freshly painted walls you just painted. Or, try different types of curtains or blinds to spice things up. If you’re tired of the sun peeking through your bedroom curtains in the morning, try blackout blinds - but, just warning you now, you’ll never get out of bed (which isn't that bad, is it?). Or you can have both! Get blinds for sleeping and curtains to add style. Just make sure to have curtain ties so you can get in as much light as possible for your new reading corner!

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