How to Get Your Living Room Ready for Your Easter Get Together

How to Get Your Living Room Ready for Your Easter Get Together

The Easter bunny is coming this weekend! You don’t want him to enter a messy home, so it’s time to get your place ready for him and the rest of your Easter guests. We’ve put together a few ideas to get your living room looking fantastic for this weekend. Enjoy!

Plan Your Seating

Seating is important for any gathering. Imagine you invited guests to a room with chairs facing the wall? They would probably think you went off your rocker, so make sure you plan your seating strategically! You want your guests’ seats to invite conversation, so we suggest putting your chairs and couches in a circle around the coffee table. Add some snacks to that table, and you have a perfect setup!

Think Comfort

Always offer your guests comfortable seats. You don’t want your guests leaving early because they’re uncomfortable (nothing is worse than sitting in a seat that is hard as a rock). We know Easter dinners can get long sometimes, so offer your guests lounge chairs, padded dining room chairs, or the couch.

You can decorate for comfort as well. Place some flowers on tables to add life to the room, giving it that spring feel! Scented candles are a great option as well - they allow your guests to feel more relaxed and welcome.

Create Mood Lighting

Lighting that’s too bright or too dark can be an instant mood killer for any dinner or get-together. You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home when they come over. Sometimes you won't even know if they are because sometimes people feel too awkward to speak up about whether a room is too dark or too light, so make sure you have this one done right!

You’ll want to keep the area light enough so everyone can see each other but dark enough to feel comfortable. We suggest layering your lighting in your living room – we’re talking different heights and brightness. Not only does this look good style-wise - it allows for light to fill every area of the room.

Keep the Fine China Safe

Most people will have little ones over for Easter, looking for Easter eggs and playing around the house. You’ll want to make sure you have a special place for your fine china and any hot things like teapots. Put these items in a cabinet dedicated for them or hide them away in your room or far out of reach from children. If you’re looking for decorative cabinets for your fine china, shop Clearance Furniture's collection on our website!

Tuck Clutter Away

You’ll obviously want your place to look tidy for your guests, but sometimes you don’t have the time to clean up your entire house perfectly. Instead, we suggest opting for ottomans with storage space in the middle. This way, you can quickly throw clutter in them, put the top on, and bam, you’re place looks clean and organized! Not only do ottomans act as perfect storage spaces, but they also look stylish and add an element of comfort to your space!

Contact Clearance Furniture

It’s time to get your living room ready for company! We hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend surrounded by the people you love. And don’t forget, you can get your discounted furniture at Clearance Furniture!

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