How to Decorate the Dinner Table for Thanksgiving

How to Decorate the Dinner Table for Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving, the wonderful time of year where we get to stuff our faces with turkey and pie, spend quality time with family, share gratitude, and go crazy on the fall home décor!

When hosting Thanksgiving dinner, decorating the table has to be the best part! So, we got together a small list of things to add to this year’s table. Check them out!

Use Lots of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are significant to fall time and Thanksgiving, so why not add them as decoration! No need to keep them outside on the porch – grab some smaller ones and bring them inside as well for the dinner table.

Pumpkins symbolize power and life to Native Americans, who first came across pumpkins in 1621 - who wouldn’t want that kind of positive energy at the table?

You can make pumpkin vases or use them as centrepieces. Got kids at the table? Let them carve some beforehand, then display their fun creations!

Keep it Traditional with Cornucopias

Cornucopias are beautiful horn-shaped baskets from the Ancient Greek times and make for some gorgeous autumn décor! It is believed that a goat once broke off its horn and gave it to Zeus as a sign of reverence, so Zeus placed an image of a goat in the night sky, now known as Capricorn. This gracious exchange, symbolized by cornucopias, means gratitude and offering, being part of Thanksgiving for centuries.

These traditional baskets look beautiful and classy with fruit like apples and cranberries spilling out of them. Keep the tradition alive in this gorgeous way!

Personalize Your Table Settings

What better way to show your loved ones just how much you appreciate them than personalizing their table settings. This one is great if you have a tight budget. Just write a small note on why you’re grateful to have them in your life with a name card and you’re set! We’re sure your guests will appreciate the kind words more than the table setting anyways!

Incorporate Nature

Thanksgiving is all about the autumn weather, so you might as well take advantage of the beautiful fall colours outside! Go to a local park or even your backyard to grab some colourful fall leaves a few days before your Thanksgiving meal and flatten them in a book. Once you’ve kept them in a book for a couple of days, take them out and use them as a plate or table setting. They’ll add colour in the best way!

Want to add even more from nature? While you’re looking for fall leaves, grab some pinecones as well as some evergreen pines. Your table will be flourishing with life!

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