How to Create a Homemade Spa for Your Mom this Mother’s Day

How to Create a Homemade Spa for Your Mom this Mother’s Day

With another Mother’s Day spent at home, moms still deserve to get pampered. So, we’re here to give you some tips on creating the perfect at-home spa for your wonderful mother. You’re sure to get the child-of-the-year award after a full day of pampering! Check out these fun ideas below!

Run a Bath with the Essentials

To start the day, draw your mom a nice warm bath. This allows her to relax right off the bat, so she can really enjoy her whole day. Plus, she'll appreciate the time in the morning!

When it comes to the bath, make sure all the bath essentials are on a small stool or side table. You can find an affordable side table at Clearance Furniture! Some items you can put on the table include some bubble bath, a face mask, cucumbers for her eyes, her favourite book, a candle, and maybe a yummy breakfast or a snack! She’ll love you for this, trust us!

Set Up the Dining Table for a Homemade Meal

Moms love and appreciate a home-cooked meal that comes from the heart. Try stepping it up a notch by setting the dining room table beautifully and elegantly. Lay down a nice tablecloth, get out the fine China she likes, and make sure to buy her some flowers and display them in a vase! This is also the perfect time to give her a sentimental Mother’s Day card.

Create a Mani/Pedi Corner

Since Ontario has been in lockdown for what seems like forever, we’re sure your mom is missing her mani/pedis. So, this is the perfect time to give her own nail salon treatment!

Simply grab a lounge chair and ottoman from our site, throw a towel over it, and she has her very own mani/pedi corner! Grab a small bucket to soak her feet in, then provide her with different nail polish colours to choose from (unless you know your mom's favourite already!). Who wouldn’t love getting pampered like this!

Give Her a Massage on a Comfortable Sofa

Once her nails are dry, have her lie on a comfortable sofa and give her a soothing hand, foot, and back massage. Our moms do so much for us; they deserve to really unwind! Sitting on a large sofa allows you to get comfortable as well! Give her some throw pillows and comfy knitted blankets to keep her cozy and relaxed.

Finish the Night Off with Her Favourite Movie

After the spa day is finished, stay on the sofa and watch her favourite movie with her. This is the perfect way to end the night and spend some quality time with your mother. Give her a glass of her favourite wine, bring out the snacks, and you can both put your feet up on a comfy ottoman to relax together! We’re sure your mom will tell all her friends about your incredible day together, and we know you’ll get that child-of-the-year award! We hope you and your mom has the best day!

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