How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

Purchasing a sofa is one of the most substantial furniture investments you’ll make for your home. A living room sofa is used for lounging, TV, reading, eating, drinking, sleeping, and hosting family and friends. With that said, it only makes sense to buy one that’s suitable for your home and lasts as long as possible.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best sofa for your living room!

Try Before You Buy

Before you buy a sofa, make sure to conduct the age-old bottom test. The typical sofa will have a seat depth of a minimum of 60 cm, allowing for plenty of room to move around and get yourself comfortable. Although seat depths do vary, the important factor to consider is ensuring that you get the right back support.

There’s no wrong height to consider when buying a sofa, however, most will be between 45 – 50 cm in height. Purchase a sofa with a height that’s suitable for your whole family. Also, don’t forget to think about how you sit when you’re lounging. Some people prefer to lay down and stretch out, while others want to put their feet up while having that extra back support. If you’re one of these people, then consider investing in a recliner or a chaise.

A Good Frame

Make sure that you pick a sofa with a quality frame to ensure that its long-lasting and you get the most for your money. The best option for a sofa is typically a solid hardwood frame. Be cautious about purchasing a frame with particleboard or metal construction.


What’s inside the sofa matters just as much as what’s on the outside. If you invest in feather-filled cushions, you’ll need to plump them on a regular basis and if you purchase fibre or foam fillings, they’ll flatten and lose their shape overtime.

Try to find a sofa with a combination of feather and foam so that you can enjoy a comfortable cushion on a sofa that also provides structure. This combination is also effective when just the back cushions are filled with feathers and the seat cushions are filled with foam or fibre.


No matter what colour or pattern you choose, the upholstery fabric on your sofa will have a significant impact on the room's appearance. Pick a sofa that best suits the colour scheme of your whole living room! Natural fabrics often fade when placed next to strong sunlight, so consider choosing a synthetic fabric if there’s a lot of light entering your home. Plus, families with children or pets will find it easier to spot clean synthetic fabric in case of an accident. For easy maintenance, you can also purchase loose covers that can be removed for cleaning or easily washable.

Take Measurements

There’s no bigger conflict than buying a sofa that doesn’t fit into your home. Prior to making your final purchase, measure the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit and suit your space. If you’re furnishing a smaller room, then pay attention to the depth of the sofa.

Whether you’re looking for a bigger or smaller sofa, the depth of a seat rarely changes. One tip you can use to get an accurate measurement is to place newspaper on the floor in the room and check if you have enough space to walk around it with ease.

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