Home Décor Trends Coming in 2021

Home Décor Trends Coming in 2021

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about revamping your space. New year, new furniture and home décor, right? Either way, it’s a good idea to spice things up inside this coming year as we will still be spending a lot of time at home. So, why not get on board with the latest trends that are sure to make a bold appearance in 2021! This new year will be full of comfort, tradition, sustainability, and style! Here at Clearance Furniture, we’ve provided you with the upcoming home décor and furniture trends that will make a bold appearance next year! Continue reading if you’re curious what 2021 will bring to your home!

Bold and Textured Walls

With everyone staying home, interior walls are sure to change. Who wants to stare at white walls for months? Not us! We think dark, bold, and textured walls will be popular next year, adding life to our spaces. Natural toned walls have been the trend for the last few years, with wall accessories providing the colour. But, because our lives have all changed drastically this year, it’s time for a change. People are craving the outside world, and bold dark hues can add character to a room. Hotels and restaurants usually have colourful walls, so people might want to recreate those feelings since they aren’t able to experience them.

Homeowners are also starting to gravitate towards textured walls that, creating a tactile look and feel. Fun wallpaper that has added texture or 3D qualities is fun to add to one of your walls. Or, to get very creative, try adding a variety of wall panels to make your space pop with creativity! Wooden panels are ideal for the new year as people are trying to bring outdoor elements inside, bringing them closer to nature. Since your walls will be the centre of attention, go for neutral-coloured furnishings, creating a stunningly bold look!

Traditional and Vintage Style

Since environmentalism has become a huge mainstream topic, it’s no wonder sustainability is moving its way into homes more and more with objects, paints, and now furniture. Traditional and vintage style is stemming from this movement. Millennials want to live sustainably, and what better way than recycling old furniture, bringing a classy and comfortable look into their homes. Clearance Furniture is on board with sustainability and has a selection of gently used furniture at a discounted price! Choose from vintage sofas, lounge chairs, antique cabinets, and more! You’ll save money and the planet, what’s better than that!

Vintage pieces share a story, as well. People are drawn towards furnishings that have some history because humans love narrative and crave adventure. These pieces also give us a sense of self and break away from that oneness. Vintage pieces are unique and let us personalize our spaces. 2021 is all about breaking away from this conformality, diving deep into authenticity and imperfection as prominent factors in all of 2021’s upcoming trends.

Light Wooden Furnishings

Medium and dark shades of wood are being swapped for lighter-toned wood furnishings inside the home. This is due to the uplifting qualities and versatility of neutral-toned items. Lighter colours are making a comeback simply because people feel better around light and airy spaces. Many homeowners are going for a minimalist approach, inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian décor styles, that will declutter their space. Lighter hues create the illusion of more space, and having homes that feel soft and light brings a sense of zen, something we’re all craving this year.

Light furnishings are also extremely versatile as they go with almost everything. Whether you want a modern, traditional, vintage, artistic, or comfortable home décor look, light wooden furnishings will go with any of these. Light wooden chairs and tables are an incredible investment for those who often like to change up the look of their spaces. Save money by grabbing these staples at Clearance Furniture!

Cozy-Looking Spaces

Since we are living in our homes more than we ever were, the “lived-in” look is becoming a trend. Homeowners are making comfort look stylish with textured layers, soft fabric headboards and footboards, puffy couches, and rounded furniture. Adding textured layers like knitted or fuzzy blankets and pillows to beds, sofas, and lounge chairs make your space cozy while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Not making the bed perfectly and keeping the blankets ruffled adds more texture and gives your place a homey feel. People are getting tired of perfection in the home as it doesn’t look inviting or comfortable.

Rounded furniture like tables and sofas create a cozy atmosphere that feels inviting. With the stresses of the pandemic, work, and everyday life, you want to feel stress-free when you’re eating dinner or watching TV. Rounded tables and sofas give you that laid back feeling with all the style.

Natural-Looking Pieces

One of the biggest trends we see taking over homes in 2021 will be the use of natural materials. People want a natural, outdoors-like feel inside their home since we are still encouraged to stay inside. Natural materials like wood, ceramic, plants, leather, and organic pieces are becoming more prevalent than ever before. The calming effect that nature brings us as humans is incredible, so we can see why people are gravitating towards it. Not only is a natural setting relaxing, but it is a more sustainable way of living. Like mentioned before, millennials are getting older and now becoming homeowners, so it’s no wonder a sustainable and green way of living is becoming trendy. It’s cool to care about the planet, and we’re on board with this one!

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