Home Décor Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Home Décor Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Congrats on becoming first-time homeowners! This is a big step in your life filled with excitement and nerves – it can get quite overwhelming to say the least. There’s a lot to think about when moving into your first home – new bills, property maintenance, home security, furnishings, home décor, and, of course, making your new house feel like a home!

Luckily, we’re here to give you some of our best home décor tips for your big move. Let this guide ease your stress and keep the excitement going!

Paint Before You Move

We highly suggest painting your new place with colours that speak to you. It’s best to paint before you move in for two reasons: it’s way easier to paint in an empty house with no clutter than in a house full of boxes and furniture plus it adds a personalized touch for when you do move in, which allows your new home to feel homey and less foreign!

There are endless options when it comes to painting, so really think about the colours you want in each room. Want neutral walls? What colours will you pick? Eggshell? Off-white? Beige? If adding colour to your bedroom, which one will look best with your vanity? There’s a lot to think about - take your time to picture what your rooms will look like before you have the paintbrush in your hand.

Choose a Comfortable Sofa

It’s your first home, so we know you want to make it look presentable and aesthetically pleasing, but make sure you still think about comfort. As much as that super hard sofa looks great with your new coffee table, you and your guests won’t be too happy sitting on it. Go for comfort AND style! There are tons of sofas out there that do both. And, if you’re looking for a high-quality sofa for a fraction of the price, then grab one at Clearance Furniture. We have new and gently used sofas that are comfortable and stylish – it’s a win-win!

Another thing to consider is the size of your sofa. For once you won’t have to worry about space (isn’t it great having a home and not an apartment anymore?!). You won’t have to worry if it travels well or if it will fit in the living room - you finally have the freedom of getting a large, comfortable couch, so go all out!

Fill the Walls

Decorating your home takes time and planning, but when you first move in, you’ll want it to feel somewhat homey. You don’t want to leave the walls blank while you’re deciding what to put on them. While you wait to develop photos or find the perfect painting for the front foyer, fill the walls with cheaper artwork. This will make your new home feel complete and less empty, plus you’ll feel more settled in with full walls. It’s all about filling the space while you search for your dream items!

Don’t Buy Everything at Once

Going off the whole “filling your space while you wait” idea, do that with the rest of your home as well! Don’t buy everything you want at once – this not only hurts your bank account, but it doesn’t allow you to slowly create the home of your dreams, piece by piece. It’s better to purchase furniture items, artwork, rugs, and accent pieces slowly and spaced out so you have time to see the room come together instead of impulsively making decisions.

Like we said about filling your walls, fill your home too! Choose cheaper alternatives as fillers while you decide on what you really want – then invest in those items. This saves you money in the long run because your mind may change. You could realize you don’t need certain items as your vision changes, or you save the headache of purchasing items that you later realize you don’t want or need. Just slow down and take your time – we know it’s hard when you’re this excited! Just think things through, and, trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Make It Your Own!

The first thing you think of is big furniture pieces like beds, sofas, and tables, but once you have all those pieces, start thinking about how you can personalize your space to feel like home. Moving into a new place with a ton of new space can be an overwhelming and scary experience, but just adding personal touches here and there can make you feel more at ease.

Put up personal photos, get fun throw pillows and blankets in your favourite colours, choose a rug you love, set up a reading corner if you love books - the opportunities are endless! This is YOUR home, do what you want with it!

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