Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Gently Used Furniture

Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Gently Used Furniture

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Many people celebrate by wearing green, drinking their favourite beer, having a delicious potluck, or throwing a festive party. But why not do something good for the planet this year that adds to your celebrations. This year go green by purchasing used furniture for your house parties. Used furniture is a lot more sustainable than people think, and we discover the three main environmental benefits of purchasing used furniture in this blog. Enjoy!

Saves Resources

Did you know that new furniture pieces use a ton of resources to manufacture? Materials used to make furniture like timber are in high demand because they are becoming scarcer. By purchasing used furniture, you’re saving the materials that would have been used for new pieces.

Reduces Waste

One of the main benefits of purchasing used furniture is it eliminates furniture waste. Just think, that used sofa you’re buying is being put to good use rather than sitting in a landfill. It has been said that Ontario will reach its landfill capacity by 2032 - that’s only ten years away! Most furniture, new and old, can always be reused by someone – that’s why vintage pieces are coming back! Always remember, what’s one man’s trash is another’s treasure. When you’re replacing your furniture, try selling (or giving it away for free) in a garage sale, on Facebook Marketplace, or any other online resale store!


This one may not be an environmental benefit, but it sure does help your pocket so you can put more money towards other sustainable initiatives! Buying used furniture will always be cheaper. But don’t think that cheaper automatically means the value is decreased because that’s simply not true! You can always refurbish old furniture to make it look brand new again, or some pieces are only gently used and look good as new. That's like the pieces at Clearance Furniture! All of our gently used items look good as new at an incredibly discounted price – you won’t be able to spot the difference!

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Go green this St. Patrick’s Day by purchasing used furniture from Clearance Furniture! Do your part to make the world a healthier place while still making your home look fabulous! Click here to shop our gently used pieces.

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