Give Your Home a Makeover with 4 Easy Steps

Give Your Home a Makeover with 4 Easy Steps

Get your spring cleaning done early this year to give your home the makeover it deserves! There’s no better feeling than getting some spring tasks done earlier than usual, so by the time spring actually comes, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Yes, it might be too early to set up the patio furniture, but why not rearrange, declutter, and completely makeover your home on the inside! In this blog, we offer 4 of our favourite tips for home makeovers - check them out!

Organize Your Space

To start your makeover, you’ll need to organize your space. Do a nice spring cleaning to make sure no clutter is in the way. This way you can have a clear look at your space and figure out what you’d like to change.

Once your home is clean, it comes down to keeping them clean and organized that becomes the real challenge. But with your new makeover, you can create a living space that is functional and hides clutter away! We suggest purchasing furniture that is great for storage from Clearance Furniture. Items like a stylish chest or ottoman, a bar cart, cabinets, and more!

Add Some Colour

If you find your space looking a little drab after you have decluttered, then you know it’s time for a makeover. If your walls are a neutral colour and you have only black, grey, or white furniture, you may need to add in a pop of colour! Consider a bright sofa or some colourful accent pillows.

However, don’t go overboard with the colour. Just a pop will do! And if your home is overwhelmed with tons of colour, that’s great, but it can also look chaotic. Add some more neutral-coloured pieces and keep your favourite colourful items as statement pieces.

Throw Items Out When in Doubt

Sometimes less is more, especially in today’s modern and minimalistic world! The best part of a makeover is decluttering and getting rid of old furniture you don’t use and doesn’t serve your space anymore. Plus, just one stunning statement piece like an elegant console or dining table can look better than a variety of smaller pieces. These smaller items might be nice but can make the room look cluttered. So, when in doubt, throw the items out! Or donate them, give them to family, put them on the curb for someone else to have, or just keep them stored away for later! Either way, get them out of your space, and you’ll already feel like you have a brand-new home.

Aim for Multipurpose

The best advice we can give for a home makeover is getting multipurpose items that function differently, just like the storage pieces we mentioned earlier! Homes decor that is simple looks and feels so much better, keeping us calm throughout the day and allowing us to truly appreciate our homes. Examples of multipurpose furniture could be a pull-out couch, a bed that folds up into the wall, and ottomans that stow away under tables. Just think of all the space you’ll have once you start using multipurpose pieces!

Contact Clearance Furniture

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