Create the Ultimate Bedroom Oasis

Create the Ultimate Bedroom Oasis

Nothing feels better than entering your bedroom at the end of a long day, knowing that its comfortable oasis where you can escape and feel at peace. Achieve a modern, snug bedroom appearance with the right colours, furniture and décor!

Here are some tips on how to design a cozy bedroom.

Add a Bench

Place a bench at the end of your bed to improve the style and functionality of your room. Use the bench as a spot to lay your clothes while getting dressed and put on your socks or shoes before heading out. You may be wondering why you’d need a bench when you can just sit on your bed, however, it’s not good for the mattress if you’re always sitting on the edge.

Soft Lighting

Include soft lighting or install a dimmer so that you can create the right ambience based on your mood and the time of day. This way, if you need a brighter space, then you can keep the lights fully on, but if you’re watching a movie in your room, then you can dim the lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Pendant Lights

Pendant light fixtures are extremely versatile. They’re available in retro, classic and modern styles that will complement any room! These lights are frequently integrated in luxurious and modern bedroom designs. Hang 1-3 slim, streamlined style pendant lights above your bed. The angle and height of pendant fixtures illuminate areas that would have otherwise been too dark. This is a perfect addition to your bedroom if you’re an avid reader and looking for a cozy spot to snuggle with your tea while starting a new book!

A Warm Atmosphere with the Right Rugs

Decorating the room with area rugs will introduce colour, texture and warmth to your bedroom, ultimately creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Layer a few area rugs for added coziness and warmth underfoot!

Unique Bedside Tables

Although traditional bedroom nightstands may be tempting to purchase, consider other styles instead! Modern design incorporates all types of small tables, stools and even stumps being used specifically to hold lighting, books and other essentials. Current design trends are breaking the rules, especially when considering bedside tables. Use your imagination and pick the table that stands out to most and makes your bedroom feel most inviting and comfortable.

Bold Upholstery

Don’t shy away from bold colours and prints! It may be enticing to invest in the same basic headboard, but if you want to enhance the snug appearance of your bedroom, then consider an upholstered headboard. Integrate a bold coloured diamond print headboard, combined with muted shades like blacks and greys to balance out the bold colour and print.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

Everyone knows that throw pillow and blankets are staple pieces of décor for making any room appear more comfortable. Layer neutral coloured pillows and blankets that will make you excited to snuggle in bed after a hectic or stressful day!

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