A Guide to Different Types of Accent Chairs

A Guide to Different Types of Accent Chairs

Depending on the size and design of your home, a typical sofa doesn’t always suffice when considering the appropriate seating. If you have an empty corner in your room or simply want to add more seating, incorporate an accent chair.

Accent chairs are a great addition to any room in your home, especially the living room, dining room and bedroom. Not only are these chairs sufficient, they’re also stylish and can add a pop of colour or a new style to an existing room!

Keep reading to learn about the types of accent chairs so that you can pick the one best suitable for your space!

Club Chair

Looking for the perfect spot to read your book or take an afternoon nap? If so, then the club chair is an ideal addition to your home. The club accent chair is comfortable and roomy with deep seats. This style often contains leather upholstery and a nail-head trim.

Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is armless, often smaller and sits much closer to the ground than the typical accent chair. This chair is called the slipper chair for a reason! It’s very popular to place in bedrooms as the position is angled so that you can slip right into the chair and slip on your socks or shoes, for example. You can also place this style chair in any room that has a tighter space or just to give the room a more open feel.

Wingback Chair

With winged sides and a tall back, this chair is made to block cold gusts of wind or protect you from heat when siting next to a bonfire or a fireplace. In a room, they flow seamlessly next to large sofas or sectionals and are often placed in a corner that dwellers use as an area to relax, unwind and read a book.

Barrel Chair

A barrel chair, which is also known as a tub chair, is designed with a curved back and low profile. The curves in the chair make it an ideal addition to the bedroom or living room, where you can comfortably sit back and relax. Typically, its design is slim and made small enough to fit in tight spaces.

Swivel Chair

This versatile chair lets you spin around and change positions that without having to stand up and move. If you need to address someone on a different side of the room, you can simply turn the chair and communicate comfortably. The swivel chair will make any small space more versatile.

Statement Chair

Make a bold statement with an accent chair. An accent chair can make any ordinary room pop, depending on the colour, size or the silhouette of the chair. Statement chairs are used to make a room stand out and add some colour and texture to the space.

Egg Chair

Egg chairs have a signature-curved shape and are used in several modern homes for indoor and outdoor spaces. Several egg chairs are hanging or situated on the ground and sit like a much sturdier version of a hammock. The shape of the chair follows the curve of the body, so you can just sink right into the chair.

Parsons Chair

This sleek, simple chair is elegant and was designed to maintain function and comfort, while eliminating excessive ornamentation. Parsons chairs are usually placed in the dining room. Its sleek, simple, armless design creates a visual interest and blends well at the head or foot of a dining table.

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