7 Home Décor Ideas that Should Never Get Missed

7 Home Décor Ideas that Should Never Get Missed

Are you ever searching for small and easy home décor tips, just to find all these crazy and outlandish home décor ideas? We get it; not everyone wants their home to look like an abstract art gallery. Some of us want simple tips and tricks that will make our places look somewhat more presentable. So, we’ve brought you the basics! Enjoy these seven home décor ideas you should never miss if you want your living spaces looking balanced, bright, and right!

Set the Tone with the Front Entrance

Front entrances are where first impressions are made! In order to make yours look presentable, make sure the front door is painted with a fun and lively colour. Shades of red and blue are popular options that usually go nicely with home exteriors. A red door is actually lucky in most colours and can mean “welcome” or “safety.”

Once you’re inside your home, your front entrance should be neat and styled in a way that not only welcomes guests but matches the rest of the home’s décor. Think of your home’s entranceway as a preview for the rest of the home. Style and colours should match!

Sofas and Lounge Chairs Should Face Each Other

It’s a good idea for your sofa and lounge chairs to be friends, not enemies. Arrange your living room seating areas in a way that invites conversation. This creates intimacy and comfortability inside your home for you and your guests.

Avoid pushing all furniture against the wall to make your living space look larger because it doesn’t actually work. Floating your furniture away from the wall in a group is what makes your living room look bigger and pleasing to the eye.

Try arranging your sofa and lounge chairs in a U-shape with two lounge chairs facing each other across the coffee table and the sofa on one side, or an H-Shape with both lounge chairs facing the sofa directly and the coffee table in the centre. These two shapes are ideal for living room furniture arrangements.

Fill Your Kitchen with Natural Lighting

When it comes to your kitchen space, make sure there’s enough natural light as possible. Kitchens that are bright and airy look and feel better. We all spend so much time in the kitchen (especially these days), so natural lighting will boost your mood and motivate you while cooking!

When it comes to kitchen drapes, no drapes are better than dark and heavy ones. We suggest going for light and sheer drapes that let some light in, making your kitchen look elegant and classy. If you’re worried about peeping neighbours, just add some panelled blinds underneath your drapes that you can close at night.

Every Room Needs a Mirror

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, mirrors make any room look larger, brighter, and fuller! Believe it or not, they bounce light around the room and double the space based on the size of your mirror. We highly recommend at least one mirror per room. Plus, we all know everyone likes to check themselves out in the mirror even if they say they don’t, so give them the freedom of doing so!

Just make sure your mirrors are placed in the right spot in the room because placing one in the wrong area could be pointless. Hang mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. This is because the natural light coming from the window will just bounce right back out the window, and you want to make your room shine!

Make Rooms Look Larger with Visual Tricks

When it comes to our bedrooms, most of us don’t have tall ceilings (and if you do, then we are jealous). There are a few ways to open up space and raise your ceiling with visual tricks, ultimately making the room look larger. Hang your curtains higher than the windows, at about 3 inches. Just make sure your drapes are still long enough to hit the floor so it doesn't look like you were drunk when putting them up (although a glass of red wine and a DIY project can be fun).

Another trick is using curtains, wallpaper, or artwork with a vertical stripe pattern to elongate the walls. Or place an oversized mirror against the wall to make the room look taller. There are so many tricks to try!

Incorporate Rugs to Bring the Room Together

Rugs are cozy, fuzzy, art pieces when it comes to décor. Remember when we talked about your sofas being friends with your lounge chairs? Well, they should also know the rug intimately! Always make sure at least one part of your sofa and lounge chairs are on the rug. The best option is for all four corners to stay on the rug, but the front two legs work as well. This means your living room or bedroom rugs should be pretty large. If you get one too small, the whole room could look disproportioned.

Update Your Furniture

Old, worn-out furniture can put a damper on your home’s aesthetic, making it look outdated (a few vintage pieces are the exception - learn how to make them work here!). You want your home to look current and pleasing, but you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Here at Clearance Furniture, we sell furniture (new and gently used) below the original wholesale price, meaning you will get the best prices when you buy from us! There’s really no need to spend a fortune when you update your house - we make it affordable and realistic. Browse our website today!

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