6 Ways to Identify High-Quality Furniture

6 Ways to Identify High-Quality Furniture

Furnishing a space requires you to make a few major decisions, one of them being: should you purchase fast, cheap and easy items or should you pay extra for something more durable? Although it may seem enticing to choose the inexpensive option, depending on the room and facility you’re furnishing, high-quality modern furniture is usually the better choice.

Inexpensive furniture is a fantastic, ideal option if you know you’re not going to using it excessively. Sometimes, you need furniture that’s more cost efficient but still reliable. However, if you’re furnishing high traffic areas including healthcare facilities or specific rooms in your home, then you should purchase longer lasting, high-quality furniture.

Here are 6 ways to identify whether or not the furniture you’re considering is top-quality, without just looking at the price tag!

Types of Wood

All types of woods are created differently and several woods aren’t durable as furniture items due to their softness. When shopping for wooden furniture or a wooden frame, it’s crucial that you ask about the type. The most popular, durable types of wood known to resist cracking include mahogany, oak, walnut, ash, birch, cherry or maple.

Wooden furniture can either be solid wood or veneer. The less expensive wood is concealed in a solid wood finish but is still robust and long lasting.


It’s natural for solid wood to have knots, however, knots are the weakest area of the tree. If you’re buying a kitchen table and you notice that several knots are visible, then you should refrain from purchasing the piece. High quality furniture manufacturers avoid using pine for this reason.

Particle Board

Particle board is a common material used to create modern furniture pieces. This material is frequently used for constructing cheaper furniture that’s not made to stand heavy and last over a long period of time. The combination of wood pulp, plastics and resin isn’t as strong as solid wood or veneers, which is why its not usually used to create premium furniture.

Wobbling, Creaking & Sagging

When picking out furniture from the showroom, test out whether or not it’s wobbly, sagging or creaking. Lifting the furniture will help you determine if you have any of these issues, especially in the frame.

Padding and Cushions

Aside from the furniture frame, another crucial place to check for quality is in the padding and cushions on pieces such as sofas, loveseats and armchairs. Quality pieces will feature dense foam and are padded thoroughly. If you feel springs or hard pieces beneath the padding, then the furniture likely wont be not long lasting.


If the basic construction of the furniture lives up to your expectations, then start inspecting the upholstery. Quality upholstery consists of thick and tightly woven fabric that’s the same way all around. Make sure the seams aren’t visible and there isn’t any sagging or stretching.

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