6 Fall Home Décor Ideas to Change Up Your Home’s Aesthetic

6 Fall Home Décor Ideas to Change Up Your Home’s Aesthetic

Fall is all about staying cozy and comfortable while the weather cools down. It’s the time of year when we get this unexplainable feeling of joy and happiness from the beauty of the colourful trees and the sounds of the fallen leaves crunching beneath our feet. So why not bring that feeling into your home and change things up this season! Below you can find six fall decor ideas that will have your home feeling cozy and warm while giving it that unique rustic fall look!

Use Darker and Earthier Hues

The best part about fall is the beautiful fall scenery and colours that nature produces. Bringing some of those earthy tons into your home and can dramatically change your aesthetic. Dark greens and blues or rusty caramel oranges are the perfect colours to create that fall look. Just make sure you stick to monochromatic hues to keep your space looking organized and stylish. So, if you go for a dark green sofa, use a lighter green pillow or rug. Another great idea is to get dark kitchen accents that give the space some depth - because all-white kitchens are so a last-summer trend. Try dark-coloured cabinets with white marble countertops or black bar stools with a wooden island. Your place will be looking modern and fresh!

Add Texture and Layers

This one is an easy switch that can add depth and coziness to your living spaces. Adding layers and textiles like chunky, knitted pillows, oversized fuzzy blankets, and layered area rugs can make your home come to life in those colder months. If new pillows and blankets aren’t in your budget, try stylish pillow and duvet covers as an easy and affordable alternative!

Get Some Vintage Furniture Pieces

Fall is the perfect time to pull out those vintage pieces to really make your house feel like a home! Not only does it give your place a rustic feel, but it’s perfectly in-style this year. Try rattan furniture pieces that will give your home that vintage and natural look - it’s like moving the patio from outside to inside! Or, use vintage looking mirrors, art pieces, rugs, or any other quirky decorative accents.

Bring Plants Into Your Home

This year has been a stressful one for everyone, and adding some natural greenery into your home can have a nice calming and soothing effect. Use potted plants throughout your home as centrepieces or entry-way decor, or even hang them in different parts of your house to add depth! Don’t want the hassle of watering them? No worries, even faux plants can boost your mood and get you in the fall spirit! They look so real nowadays that you’ll be able to fool all your guests!

Incorporate Velvet and Wood

What other materials would be better for fall? Velvet and wood furniture creates a cozy and natural look that fits right into the season. Velvet furniture and fabrics are fun for fall as they not only feel cozy but look as comfortable as ever. Everyone will want to sit on the velvet couch or lay on the bed with the velvet pillow! It is also an easy material to clean and the perfect pet-friendly choice as it doesn’t hold on to fur due to its short threads of fabric.

Wood materials, although not cozy to sit or lay down on, do create a welcoming and calming environment for fall. People desire lighter, airier spaces during this time, and wood adds that grounding effect, making you feel at ease. Bring natural looks into your home to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Giving yourself a cozy space to relax and unwind is essential in this cooler weather. There’s nothing like curling up on a comfy lounge chair under a warm blanket with a hot tea, ready to read a good book. Shop for soft and homely furniture pieces like lounge chairs, ottomans, and side tables at Clearance Furniture. Then, throw some pillows and blankets on there to complete the look!

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