5 Ways to Make Vintage Pieces Look Flawless in Your Home

5 Ways to Make Vintage Pieces Look Flawless in Your Home

In 2021, vintage pieces have become all the craze (You can check out our blog we wrote about the 2021 Home Decor Trends here), but most people don’t know how to fit them flawlessly into their modern home.

Furniture pieces that are 20 years or older are considered vintage. Many people like these pieces for nostalgia purposes or because they add character to their home. But they don’t always work in all spaces, so you should know how and where to use them!

Here are five different ways you can make vintage pieces look flawless in your home!

Layer Vintage with Contemporary

The way to make your home unique yet stylish is by combining vintage and contemporary pieces. The vintage pieces can add character to your living spaces, making them look natural. It eliminates that perfect cookie-cutter look while still allowing your home to have modernity that shows you are from this century.

With this look, you’ll want an even amount of large and small vintage and modern pieces. So, make sure the furniture is distributed evenly around the home - you don’t want any era taking over. This is a perfect tip for turning your house into a home. When all is said and done, you live in the home, so adding vintage into the mix makes it homey and comfortable.

Make a Statement

There are times (not always) that you should make a vintage piece the centrepiece of a room. This is the piece that will stand out from the rest of your furniture and make heads turn – for a good reason, of course! You’ll want to choose a piece worth this kind of attention; something large and unique is a good idea! Tables, dressers, wall units, and vanities are all great options for statement pieces.

The other furniture in the room should be neutral toned and made out of other materials; in most cases, that is wood. Placing all modern furniture in the room with the statement piece will allow it to shine in the best way!

Use as Accent Pieces

Your vintage pieces don’t always have to be the centre of attention. Many people stray away from vintage furniture because they think it will stand out too boldly in their home. That is not necessarily true. You can make your home look cute and natural by adding vintage accents.

Small vintage accents such as side tables, rugs, pillows, and other accessories add subtle character without overbearing your spaces. Not everyone is a fan of vintage, and we can understand that, but adding small vintage accents here and there can transform your modern home into something more unique, something that is only yours!

Repurpose to Make New

Still not sure if you’re a fan of vintage? Then repurpose it into something new that you’ll love! This is a great way to create something you love that is unique! Plus, you’ll save money in the process, especially if you purchase any of our vintage pieces that are all sold at a discounted price!

Repaint, remodel, or completely restructure furniture to fill an entirely different purpose. Make an old bookcase into a desk or make an old desk into a newly painted bench – there are endless possibilities! Get those creative juices flowing, and you are sure to have a new, creative piece in your home that you can brag about – especially since you put your sweat and tears into making it!

Go All-Out Vintage

There’s nothing wrong with an entirely vintage home! In fact, it’s a pretty unique idea nowadays. You obviously don’t want people thinking your home is outdated or reminds them of their grandma’s place (nothing wrong with that, we love grandmas!).

You want to make sure you choose the right vintage furniture that exists nicely together and gives your space an airy feel rather than closed-in and claustrophobic. Try lighter hues and patterns that match. It’s all about organization and space when going all-out vintage in a modern world!

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