5 Spring Home Décor Trends You Need to Hop in On

5 Spring Home Décor Trends You Need to Hop in On

It’s springtime, and although it may not feel quite like it outside just yet, that doesn’t mean it can’t feel like it inside! Now is the perfect time to give your home a nice, fresh spring makeover so that by the time the weather starts to warm up, your home is ready for summer, allowing you to spend more time outside!

2022 has a few spring home trends for you to hop on, so let’s get into them!

Contemporary Cabinets & Consoles

Spring is all about resetting and keeping your home clean and tidy. That’s why it’s best to go for multipurpose furniture items that leave room for storage. All your clutter can be nicely tucked away in cabinets, consoles, or ottomans.

However, in 2022, homeowners are moving towards contemporary and unique cabinets and consoles – your guests’ eyes will be on the furniture rather than any clutter left out. A spring refresh means it’s time to be different, so make a statement!

All the Colour & Greenery

When we think springtime, we think lots of colour! Just as the flowers bloom outside, you’ve got to make your home come to life and bloom! It’s out with the dark shades and in with the light pastels. Whether it be the walls, furniture, or accents, make sure to have a pop of colour throughout your home.

Another creative way to add colour and give your home that true spring feel is to decorate it with plants and flowers. Bringing the outdoors inside not only makes your home look alive, but it will make you feel alive too!

Sustainable Pieces

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing lately due to many people’s concerns about the planet and global warming is sustainable items! We talked a lot about sustainability and reusing furniture in last month’s blog - you can check it out here!

We’ll be seeing more conscious consumption with more hand-made or natural-looking pieces, which are perfect for spring! Think wooden pieces, used furniture, hand-weaved baskets, and much more! If you haven’t thought about sustainability, now is the time to consider it. You can start small and then build up - just moving in that direction is better than nothing!

Landscape Vibes

We’re bringing the outdoors inside, so make sure you have some kind of landscape or floral art pieces on the wall as they’re becoming all the hype! And, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a huge, framed landscape to make a statement in the living room, you can just add a mid-sized piece to the bookshelf or mantle – it will make such a difference.

The furniture material that suits landscape and floral art pieces the best is wood. If you’re looking to give your home that rustic, yet stylish outdoors look, opt for a wooden bench or dining table.

Did you know that Clearance Furniture sells floral artwork? It’s true, we do! Have a look through our different pieces here.

Light & Colourful Rugs

As we all know, spring can sometimes be a bit chilly as we slowly transition into summer, so we don’t want to get rid of our rugs just yet! Yes, you can put away the super warm fluffy ones, but make sure you swap them with thinner and brighter rugs that add life to your spaces! Light rugs will still keep your feet warm while looking fabulous! Patterns are also highly encouraged during this time as they add that flavour to your spaces. Try experimenting in different rooms to see what works!

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