5 Quick Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home Decor

5 Quick Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home Decor

Looking around your home and feeling like it’s starting to look a little drab - like there’s no life or style? It’s alright we've all been there and get bored of the same look and need a little guidance sometimes! That’s why we're here to give you our five best and easiest ways to turn your home from drab to fab! Check out some of our ideas below.

Get a Furniture Set

Whether it’s your bedroom, dining room, or living room, a matching set can go a long way and make rooms like these look complete and put together. With every piece matching in the set, your living spaces are bound to look chic.

Bedroom sets usually come with a queen-sized bed, nightstand, and a dresser with a matching mirror. Some even offer more items to add to your set. But we think this is all you'll really need for your bedroom.

Dining room sets typically come with a table, armchairs and armless chairs, and maybe an option to add a cabinet. Many furniture stores will provide you with the option of round, square, or rectangular tables to fit your dining spaces accordingly.

Lastly, living room sets can include tables, side tables, and cocktail tables, along with sofa sets that include a sofa, loveseats, and single lounge chairs to match. Your living room is probably the best place to use matching sets as most people see this area! Shop our website at clearancefurniture.ca to see if we have what you’re looking for!

Change Up Your Layout

While you’re at home and not busy, try rearranging the furniture in your house as it can go a long way! Small rearrangements and putting pieces in the right spots can make your home look interior designer styled it! Okay, maybe it’s not THAT easy to be an interior designer but, hey, you can get close!

Try pulling furniture away from the walls and creating space for conversation, especially in the living room areas. But don’t put two pieces directly side by side touching each other either. Give the furniture room to breathe from each other and the walls! A rug can help balance your living room pieces as well!

Find the Perfect Rug

An easy fix to a dull space is a stylish area rug. Add one to your bedroom, living room, dining room, basement, or literally anywhere! And, if you already have an area rug, try moving it around to see what looks best.

The biggest mistake homeowners can make is placing their rug in the wrong direction or location. Your rug should be wider than the area it's framing. The front and sides should extend longer, except for behind the furniture. This will add to your living spaces exponentially – try it out!

Choose Storage Friendly Pieces

It’s easy for clutter to pile up around the house – we totally get it! So, why not choose furniture that makes your mess look tidy! Opt for storage-friendly furniture pieces from Clearance Furniture, so you’re decorating with intent in mind. You do live in the house too, which means it’s normal for there to be the little everyday things that need places to go.

Functional pieces like consoles or ottomans are ideal and look classy. They’re perfect for storing the essentials like keys, handbags, shoes, and extra pillows and blankets – the options are endless!

Calm Down on the Pillows

Decorative pillows are ideal for making your living rooms and bedrooms look good – it’s our number one tip in most of our blogs! But, too many can make your space look cluttered and too visually stimulating. All you need are a maximum of five, but we’d say around three or four is a good number. Go for different sizes for balance, with the larger ones behind the smaller ones. Your spaces will look classy and elegant while still being able to sit down!

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Improve the look of your home by simply trying a few of these easy home décor fixes! If you’re looking for a larger upgrade, grab some new and gently used pieces at a discounted price from Clearance Furniture by visiting our site!

For over 60 years, we’ve sold trendy, new, and pre-rented furniture below the original wholesale price. Before you go online with some of the other popular sites, check us out first. We may have exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost, we all love bargains, and we want to put you ahead of the line!

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