5 Office Décor Ideas that Make Going Back to Work Fun

5 Office Décor Ideas that Make Going Back to Work Fun

With the province opening up again and our daily lives slowly getting back to normal (thank goodness), people are now heading back into the office.

After a long year and a half of working from home, this can be a daunting task for people. So, as an owner/manager of a company, why not make it exciting and fun for your employees.

Try out these 5 office décor ideas for an exciting and entertaining transition back to work!

A Welcoming Entryway

The entryway is the first thing your returning employees will see coming into the office every day – make this a pleasing and enjoyable space to look at! If it’s too corporate-like or boring, your employees won't be thrilled to return.

Change things up and make the entrance vibrant. Decorate with lounge chairs, couches, and a console from our discounted collection of new and gently used furniture. Once you have those basics, add plants and flowers, work photos for a personalized touch, your mission statement displayed boldly, and a small snack section with some treats. Once people see the atmosphere is more welcoming (and the free food), they'll start to get a little more excited about coming back to work.

Shared Spaces

After this past year and a half, and about umpteen quarantine’s later, people are looking for some social interaction (or at least the extroverts are!). If your space doesn’t have it already, create a communal office corner or room where your employees can work on projects, eat lunch, or have a place to chat together. Your employees will feel excited to come to work if they know they have a space to interact with their coworkers, having something to look forward to every day.

Don’t have the budget to splurge on a ton of office chairs and a meeting table? No worries because Clearance Furniture has new or gently used office chairs at a discounted price! Give your employees the social interaction they’re craving!

Personalized Desks

Encourage your employees to personalize and decorate their desks once they’re back. Since everyone is used to working from home where everything surrounding them is their own, send out a memo letting them know they can bring some of their “at home” energy and decor to work. This is a simple way for your employees to get adjusted to coming into work again.

Tell everyone they can bring in photos, have quotes and goals up, bring in posters or artwork they like, have some plants for flowers at their desk, or anything else that will make them feel like they never left home!

Add a Small Information Corner

Shop our online store and add cabinets, a bookshelf, and a small side table to your cart to make a small library/information corner for your employees. Employees should stay up to date on current trends, news, and activities. So, keep current newspapers and magazines on the side table. Use the cabinet for important work-related information and the bookshelf for books and informative research tools.

To keep things fun, add some novels that people can pick up to read on their lunches. Add a comfy couch, and your employees will feel right at home!

Room for Fun and Games

Our last suggestion is the best yet! Create a space for fun and games to give your employees a break from the mundane day-to-day activities. This allows them to let loose and have a good time on their lunch break or for a few minutes to reset.

If employers have learned one thing from the recent pandemic, it’s that mental health is so incredibly important and should be nurtured within the workspace. This pandemic has been tough on everyone’s mental health – these are such unprecedented times. Give your employees a break! People are now looking for companies that will offer something exciting.

So, add a ping pong table or pool table to the office for your employees to let loose and play a quick round before they get back to work. Not only will the lively atmosphere go up, but productivity will skyrocket when your employees are relaxed and happy at work – trust us, it makes all the difference!

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