5 Ideas for Furnishing a Family Room

5 Ideas for Furnishing a Family Room

The family room is arguably one of the most popular rooms in the house! This space is designed to spend time with relatives and friends, watch movies, play games and unwind after a long day. Make sure your family room has everything it needs in order to create a comfortable oasis with some of these tips for furnishing!


There are several instances where family room spaces become a loading space for several belongings including toys and other miscellaneous items. Alleviate the clutter in your family room by including the right furniture items for storage. If you have empty wall space, include a bookshelf where you can place accent décor, books, and other items found in the room. You can also include multi-functional furniture such as coffee tables or ottomans that open up with storage space inside.

Let there be light!

Wherever possible, include light fixtures and sheer or lightly coloured drapes to allow light into the room. If you place mirrors across from the windows, the reflection of the light will provide the illusion of a larger space.

Area Rugs

Area rugs help pull together the overall design of a room. When placing an area rug, you have to ensure that it’s appropriately sized for your space. This means that when you pair it with the family room seating, whether you have sofas, loveseats, sectionals or accent chairs, you have to make sure they overlap the area rug at least halfway. Place area rugs in your family room that are a suitable accent colour, perfect to pair with other décor.

Comfortable Seating

As previously mentioned, many people spend most of their time in the family room. For this reason, you should make sure that you have a comfortable seating arrangement. Include sofas or chairs that are perfect to sink into while you’re binge-watching some of your favourite television series. Purchase a large chair with a footrest, a wide sofa or a recliner sofa so you can put your feet up and unwind.

Side Tables & Coffee Tables

In your family room, you’ll likely be watching television, hosting friends and family and taking time out of your day to relax. Side tables and coffee tables make the function of the room flow. These tables are needed to hold your drinks, remotes, reading materials and even sometimes put your feet up, depending on the type of table you choose.

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