5 Holiday Furniture Ideas

5 Holiday Furniture Ideas

Although this holiday season looks a little different this year and we aren’t able to host any parties, that shouldn’t stop you from getting into the holiday spirit with new holiday pieces for your home. Let's face it - we’ve been at home the majority of the year, so why not spruce things up for one of the jolliest times of the year because you deserve it! In this blog, we’ll give you the best furniture ideas for the holidays so you can feel merry and bright! Keep reading to find out more!

Bold Red Couch

Not only is red a beautiful and bold colour that can instantly make your home look more festive, but it adds energy and strength to your home. It’s been a tough year, and although we cannot celebrate in large gatherings this year, we can feel strong, empowered, and energized this holiday season. Use bold furniture pieces like a red couch that will exude confidence within you. It will help to keep you going and add vibrancy to your life!

A red couch will also make your living room look modern and exciting during the colder, drab months. Add some red and green accents to the room, and wow, your room will look like a holiday wonderland! Dress up the mantle and place the tree next to the couch to add a beautiful contrast.

Large Ottoman’s to Display Decorations

Ottoman’s are a fantastic multi-use piece of furniture; we recommend everyone has at least one (in every room) all year round! But during the holidays, we recommend using them as the perfect display table for your decorations. We advise this because you’ll want to keep your coffee table and side tables free to use. Nothing is worse than having holiday decorations get in the way of your everyday life and become frustrating (if you can’t even put your glass of water down, that’s a problem).

An ottoman is also a great piece to use for your holiday decorations because it looks cozy for the winter and adds affluence to your holiday look. Add festive bowls, candles, garland, presents, blankets, etc. Your ottoman will look gorgeously elegant!

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture gives your place a timeless look and homey feel at any time of the year. But wooden pieces are perfect for the holidays as they give your home a rustic and outdoorsy feel. Complimenting the furniture with red throw pillows, tablecloths, blankets will add a festive feel, but the real showstopper will be the greenery you add. Greenery will elevate the room, bringing the outdoors into your home during these cold months. It allows your space to look festive without overdoing it on decorations, giving your space a classy and comforting feel.

Decorated Arch Console Tables in Foyer

Placing an arch console table in your front foyer is essential as you can dress it up or down for whatever aesthetic you are going for at the time. During this time of year, adding gold and white accents creates a classy holiday look that will feel warm and inviting for you every time you step in the door. Place nicely wrapped gifts under the table and add a small Christmas tree or garland on top to give it that winter holiday feel. Decorating the front foyer table will get you in the holiday spirit every time you leave and enter your home, giving yourself that extra spread of joy and positivity!

White Lounge Chairs

White is the perfect winter holiday shade that is not only elegant but matches with everything! If you’re looking to upgrade only one piece of furniture this holiday season, we’d suggest grabbing some white lounge chairs from Clearance Furniture as they will go with any existing furniture you might have. It’s also a good idea to purchase lounge chairs at this time of year, so you have enough seats for you and your immediate family to gather around the tree. There’s also nothing more gorgeous and prestigious looking than a white lounge chair accompanied by a beautiful throw blanket next to the tree. Your place will look picture perfect! And although not many people will physically be in your home to see this stunning setup, it’ll make the perfect Instagram photo!

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