3 Reasons to Buy Gently Used Furniture

3 Reasons to Buy Gently Used Furniture

When shopping for furniture pieces for your home, shopping used furniture isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But, shopping used furniture is usually a better option than buying high quality furniture at unaffordable prices or cheaply made pieces that fall apart quickly. At Clearance Furniture, you get the best of both – high-quality furniture with low prices. Here are 3 reasons why you should buy gently used furniture.

Buying Used Furniture is Great for Your Wallet

Buying gently used furniture is more cost effective than buying brand new furniture at giant retailers or boutique shops. When buying fast furniture from retail giants, prices may be cheaper but the quality is usually at the lower end. Higher quality furniture from boutiques come with a hefty price tag that most people can’t afford.

On the other hand, you’ll be saving yourself money by buying gently used furniture from Clearance Furniture and rest assured, you’ll have furniture pieces that will last you years.

Reusing Furniture is Good for the Environment

Did you know that Canada generates the most garbage per year than any country on Earth? Canadians produce 31 million tonnes of garbage annually. Which means we need to do our part as Canadians to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Shopping for gently used furniture can be your way of helping the planet.

The process of making and disposing furniture can be harmful for the environment. Making furniture requires the use of valuable resources like wood and metal. Afterwards, when a piece of furniture is being disposed of, getting rid of wood and steel has environmental implications.

Buying gently used furniture from Clearance Furniture is a sustainable option that allows all of us to contribute to the planet. We do this by ensuring that each high-quality piece of furniture is given a second chance while providing you with the best prices. It’s a win-win for all of us!

Unmatched Quality Only at Clearance Furniture

At Clearance Furniture, we source our pieces from well-known and trusted furniture manufacturers. We ensure that you receive high quality pieces for your home. Some of our pieces come from Gus* Modern. This way you’ll receive trendy high-quality pieces that tie your room together while saving money.

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